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What's really frustrating me about the Atreides men (early on - they're so much less important later) is their lack of transparency. I don't know that women aren't equally never-talking-about-important-things. It may just be that they don't have any Dire Revelations to share.

In the bit I'm reading now, Leto II is being secretive with Ghani about his plans, which are now *their* plans, which she might like a say in. ("You never mentioned the Trial of Possession!") I can't tell why he doesn't just tell her everything. His one partner in crime - what on earth does he think he's doing? Ghani isn't hiding things from Leto because she thinks he can't handle it.

And Paul especially. My gosh, just tell Chani! What is the problem except that she might have more worry and be unable to do anything. Worry is her perogative, isn't it? She doesn't ask him stuff because of Fremen politeness or whatever, but way to communication fail, man. Although Chani... never tells Paul they're having twins. Do they never talk about it? All it would take is "they're restless today" or something to have that conversation.

He doesn't really talk to his mom. After a while, he doesn't really talk to his sister. If he'd given more of himself (his concerns or thoughts or time) to Alia instead of imagining her as a part of the universe forcing/"forcing" him to do things, it might have saved everyone some trouble.

Duke Leto... actually, he's cool, if only because Jessica can read him like a book anyway. It's the other way around in this pair, I guess. My only issue with him has nothing to do with transparency and more to do with: where did Jessica get the idea that having a son instead of a daughter would be such an OMG Big Deal to him in the first place? He didn't seem like that kind of guy, you know?

In Dune, it's like everyone (important) can read everything from everyone else's nervous tics. They can use sign languages and ancient languages and even mind-talk (sort of). And yet they all still completely fail at communication.
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