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STEM person who lives under a rock. I love the love of words in other people. I love the love of other people in other people. I love science, but sometimes it does not love me. This blog is a mess.

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CAPSLOCK, a well-told lie, aesthetics, agonizing over it, animorphs, anthropomorphic personifications, awkward to an art, being happy, being silly, bibliophiles, books, bs symbolism, certain breeds of skeevy, chemistry, color theory, considerate appropriation, contradictions, creative writing, creativity, cyberculture, daydreaming and real dreaming, dc universes, discworld, discworld rpg, doctor who, eating cake while excruciating, ending sentences with prepositions, eraser shavings, escapism, fairytales retold, fandom filling the gaps, fandom reclaiming plot-device characters, feminists, firefly, friend-ships, getting lost, gratuitous footnotes, horrible puns, idiosyncrasies, ifyouknowwhatimean, incoherency, incorrect usage of 'metaphysical', instinctive qualifiers, interrobangs?!, ironic pretentions, jonathan coulton, jonathan teatime, joss whedon things, jsmn, keysmashing, libraries, lj switcher, loving those fandom doesn't, lurking, memento mori rpg, meta, moral greys, mythology or pretense of, narnia, narrative causality, neil gaiman, newts, no man's land rpg, origami, parasites and parasitology, pern, poking around lj, procrastinating, punctuation like poetry, reading under the desk, reflections, refractions, sares' ego attacking tokyo, science, science fiction, sensory experiences on principle, shipping obscure canon characters, singing, singing in public, skyscapes are always changing, stealing other people's interests, sudden rainstorms, terry pratchett, the alice books, the dune series, the implications of entropy, the sandman, transformers, true nature of crayons, unconventional pairings, unlikely crossovers that work, unreliable narrators, words, young wizards
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