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Dream: Big fuzzy white monster, random Animorph cameo, get myself eaten for the greater good.
I didn't oversleep this time! Even woke way early. I don't know why this happened. )

On a happier note: Gah, cutest sandworm ever!. ... It's more of an earthworm, actually. But it's still cute.

I can start focusing on my finals and final projects now! Or I can as soon as my next class is over. as;dlkfj;lkjasf I am sure that I am a failure as a student. I want my cousin. :<
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I dreamed I was a bacterial chromosome being attacked by restriction enzymes. They kept menacing my restriction sites, and I was worried my sticky ends wouldn't match up again in the right order. It was so AWKWARD.

Why can't my lab class invade the more useful areas of my brain?
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1) Housing. I. Probably will have it?

2) Dreamed about befriending a sociopathic dude who was magicked into being this zombie-thing, and we climbed a bookloft and he tried to eat my arm or something so. So clearly I had enough sleep. ...Woke up brainless.

3) Stretched too thin. This is ridiculous. I like it.

4) I have cake. I had social interaction in RL. I have to learn how to be in three places at once so that I can live with everybody next year. Charges on mass murder, what.

5) Homework. I . maybe I should. go do that.

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Nightmare about my computer getting a virus and crashing. Uh. That has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Dear LiveJournal,
I had a truly wonderful day today. My dad and I had a good life-lessons chat on the drive up to Shyue’s place. He really is incredibly intelligent. I believe he is much smarter than I am, not even including the vast amounts of experience and practical cynicism that I decidedly lack. Also, he is right: both of us are quick to forgive ourselves (whether or not that has anything to do with blood type). And happy. That’s good.

Shyue and I went clothing shopping in a mall. We ate things first. Then we went shopping. It was fantastic; she is incredibly knowledgeable about fashion (which is many parts psychology and many parts art – it’s really not so bad, not when it's with her). I got to walk around with a pretty girl on my arm. Com’on, that’s pretty great. We walked into a kitchen appliance place and drank their coffee, used their sugar and milk, and then just left. Er. There were phone calls and baking... stuff? It was a very nice buildling. She helped me find a shirt and a pair of jeans that I like quite a lot. Nothing like what I wear now; apparently I generally dress like a 40-something year old? Bad yellow and white, no full length things. Learning. Expensive, but I really feel like the experience was worth it. This is probably the most fun I've ever had shopping for clothing. Ever. Shyue is incredibly reassuring to be around; I never not self-conscious, but she talks right through it with all mannner of patience and friendly insight.

This is starting to sound like a college essay. But with fragments.

Afterwords, we watched some semi-random youtube videos before heading out to Blockbuster (she drove) and eventually deciding on I Am Legend and Sunshine (skipping over things like Batman Begins, Cloverfield, ... TMNT?). Which we then proceeded to watch. And talk through/over/on. Zombie/vampire attacks are less scary with loud, cheerful piano overhead. Sunshine was an exercise in suspension of disbelief, but still entertaining. I like watching movies with her. I like discussing watched movies with her.

Dinner was dumplings that Shyue’s mother made by hand. They were very good dumplings. Director would have been jealous. We got a little bit of MacroEcon studying in there too, between movies. Only one question wrong, and it was a stupid question anyway (self-serving bias? No, it really was a stupid question. Or rather, their answers were stupid. Er, so there?) Studying is much more fun with a good friend. But, er, self? You really need to review your macro.

The car ride back was with D and Cordy. Cordy described Majora’s Mask, specifically the cow-stealing aliens (They). Then we almost ran out of gas, which was great fun and excitement after Sunshine’s omgeveryoneisgoingtodie (reestablished at regular intervals). Then Cordy described Twilight Princess, which sounds awesome and pretty and shiny.

P.S. Also, randomly: )

Can’t stop the signal!

Edit 4/26/08: Another nightmare about the computer, this time just going haywire, not actually spewing popups all over. I think my subconscious is a little preoccupied here. If it has to make me anxious, why not in a more productive direction, such as, I dunno, AP TESTING?

Shyue, Da' really likes the jeans. He says, 'take you back there [into your friend's capable hands] tomorrow? :)'. Lol.
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Look! A real update that doesn't consist of links and junk! (This SO needs to be edited - TMI warnings?) That's because the RL finally got interesting enough for me to notice it over the brilliant shiny colors of my beautiful new fandom (if you haven't heard by now, it is Transformers! ♥ ). ... Although RL didn't have to get my attention this way.

TL;DR: I am sick. Art class is going decently. Trying for a TF/AM X-over. Am behind on RPing. )

Or maybe I'll just go TF-fic hunting. /: Guh.
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I had a dream last night. ... This morning. This morning, I had a dream that me and a group of friends (classmates, acquaintances, other people roughly my age) were attacked by zombies. We were in a smallish room at the edge of a larger complex. It was a pretty lived in room, actually, with messy large polished-wood desks and some sort of carpeting and a supply closet. There was an air vent by the closet and a small window-slit in the door.

The first time things went over pretty well. We didn't breathe too loudly and we didn't move very much. We tried not to talk, but Nat (... I don't know a Nat. I don't know.) did mention the air vent and how we needed to escape that way as soon as the coast was clear. There was screaming outside in the hallways, but it wasn't very loud. It was day, and the window light was pretty clear - it was as nice day out, is what I mean. Like this morning. So mostly, our room was just passed by.

The second time, things were very bad. I'm not exactly sure why there was a second time. Maybe my brain couldn't be bothered with coming up with a new dream, but anyway, I had the same dream again. Only this time, we got some other people in the room. And the zombies noticed, and broke through the door. It's like in that movie I saw over the summer, where the lurching people noticed the dog door and crawled through. Anyway, I remember it being really awkward scrambling out from under the things we were hiding under or behind, but we had to because we had been spotted and there was no good hiding. (There might have been some good for whoever was in the top part of the closet under the blue... mat-thing. I hope they got out through the air vent). Some of us were trying to push the others out (the heroes, whoever they were, so they could save the world or whatever) while the rest of us tried to hold off the zombies.

We fought for a little while. It didn't really count as fighting, maybe, because what could we do? We had no weapons and they were much stronger than us. They killed us all. They killed me. Right before I died, I do know that I was surprised. It was kind of like in a game. "Oh, we lost? We really die now?" I don't know, I think I was waiting for someone to save us. I was torn in half, pretty much, from where my neck joins my left shoulder and downwards. I think my left part fell to the ground but I was being held up by my head and that's really all I know because then I was dead. It didn't really hurt, but I was sad about us losing and about everyone being dead.

Maybe someone escaped, maybe someone got out of there, but I don't know. I doubt it. Next time, we should probably start shoving people up first thing, but what would be the point? The zombies would notice the room, get in, and kill everyone. If more people got into the vents, the zombies would just follow them and kill them there. There was a window; I don't know why we didn't run outside that way. There was green grass outside, and a nice sky. Maybe it was fake. Maybe the zombies had to stay inside the building? It wasn't that bad a dream. Like, it wasn't a nightmare. Everything was too detached. I should think of something to do, in case I have this dream again. This time, we're gonna win.

I had a dream the night before, too. Lily was in it, I think. And there was touch over the internet. Virtual bodies that could be sent across cyberspace. Lily's body-thing was visiting and I was asking her what it was like from her end, because I wanted to try going to the other side. And that's pretty much it. We were probably at a college dorm, much like where the, uh, zombies attacked the next night. Um. ... This was a good dream too.

Aaaaaand the night before that, I had a dream that I was gluing (pasting, more like) red maple leaves to planes of glass. Many many leaves one by one. And then someone else much larger than me (not exactly corporeal?) was pasting those glass sheets to the sky. We were decorating, preparing because someone special was going to visit very soon. Anyway, it was very pretty, even if it didn't make a great deal of sense.
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[ profile] shyue is a crazy, but she is an influental crazy.

Second-ish week in Taiwan (Training Center time), so about mid July:
I woke up thinking "Soylent green is people!" which only goes to show the impressive powers of Jonathan Coulton and Wikipedia together. However, the people in my dream came out as small brown cake things, I think, with less of the green. And also there were seething cannibal-like armies who weren't waiting for the things to be processed. Think Reevers. It was a very interesting dream. Very exciting.

There were three other people in the room, none of whom were screaming and two of whom were in lower bunks, so I felt reassured enough to relish the realistic aftereffects of my dream. The likelihood that actual ninja zombies might attack random sleepers in the night is very small - something I had not properly appreciated before. Wide awake in my top bunk in the dark, I could almost believe there were cannibals clawing their way towards the bed (over numerous suitcases that were putting up a poor defense and also, I think, a plastic stool). I amused myself thusly for several minutes before coming to the irrelevant conclusion that my mental cannibals resemble zombies a very great deal . Sort of flesh vs. brains thing. Also a reality vs fantasy thing, but not going into that.

This conclusion was confirmed more than two weeks later when I decided to watch some zombie-werewolf movie that happened to be showing on Taiwan TV. I say zombie-werewolf, but the creatures were neither and resembled both. When normal people were bitten by the monsters, usually after some great bloody struggle, they became monsters too (just animated corpses, no exciting new developments like tentacles or laser-eye beams or anything). Monsters could be be killed using guns and great big fiery explosives. They spent most of their time lurching about aimlessly with their arms held limply in front of them not chewing each other's brains. The whole program was in English with subtitles and after it was over, I ended up watching bits of Mulan II in Chinese before I could start trying to sleep. By then it was very late, so I was very tired and did not have any nightmares or dreams.

There was a path on my island with broken down houses; my team member (the one who reads and writes horror) insists they look like a scene from Resident Evil when we pass by them in the niiiiight. They do look something of the sort, not that I play RE, mind. All in all, our island was very lacking in undead. Um, and cannibals. We don't have them either, I think. Who believes in hufu? :D

EDIT: Biological magnification – a trophic process in which retained substances become more concentrated with each link in the food chain. Higher level carnivores tend to be the worst affected by toxic compounds in the environment.

So no worries, eh? Eating a few humans is bound to be enough to knock someone dead.

EDIT: So. The movie I watched. Was Resident Evil. Ha, what do you know. o_O
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The other day, I had a dream which seemed like a slight continuation of this one. In that I saw Teatime again. No, my subconscious is not fixated on someone… er, something

He was older this time, but still mostly in character. (I don’t think his shirt was black so not entirely IC. Plus he didn’t kill me.) No saliva swapping this time, we just shook hands. *stupid grin* I liked his hands. Slim, pale, with long fingers… kind of like pianist hands. And very very strong.. I think he could have crushed my hand if he wanted to (not if he was angry, just if he felt like it. See? In character). He smiled a lot; he has a nice smile. Face was still disconcerting, though. Eye definitely there (or rather, not) this time. I'm babbling now, aren't I.

There were other vague bits to the dream, involving another world which was a strange mix of whimsical and terrifying. Probably more of the latter. Both of these dreams were rather disturbing; I’m always so scared of him, but so attracted at the same time. I think the word I’m looking would be “thrilling”. Wossname. *happy sigh*


Jul. 31st, 2005 04:52 pm
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Had the strangest dream this morning. Dreams. The first one, I was arguing with my mother and ended up waking myself up by sleep saying (talking?) "No no no. Noon is just 12- er midday. It doesn't matter if it's sunny or not, it's still noon!"

In the second one, I kissed Jonathan Teatime. That is, the one from Hogfather. >_< The first part was blurry; I remember he was being really creepy but friendly (Teatime-style) and we were talking on a rooftop. I think he may have killed someone. Or someones. Creepy. He was younger than when he appeared in the book. I don't know if he had lost his eye yet, but I do remember it was really uncomfortable looking directly at his face. Then we and litsares (I have no idea) and MnM went to some store. (It sold candles and I get the impression the cashier lady was really bored) Somehow or other, psychotic assassin and I ended up backstage (I know, right? What stage?) and then we kissed. It was really awkward and not at all romantic. A bit wet. Certainly very strange. *stupid grin* Still liked it though.

I have an essay to be working on. I guess I better hop to it.

EDIT: Darn it! Now I can't stop thinking about him. It's really silly, this. I want him! <3 to read a fic about his Grand Sneer.

EDIT: Yay! [ profile] dreya_uberwald says she can write it for me! ^___^


Oct. 3rd, 2004 09:57 pm
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Last night, I had a really really long dream. In the first part, a couple of kids, including me, were split into pairs and given a tiny vase held upside-down for air, and then left toward the bottom of this really deep pool. We wouldn't be let out unless we collected all these items on these shelves under water. My partner and I survived. I don't know who else did.

The last two-thirds of it involved my brother, who decided to try on this golden glove thing. It gave him an extra finger and incredible strength, but if he took it off, it would rip one of his fingers off. A new friend of mine told us about this one boy who used the glove to kill an old farmer, but later got caught (by her, no less) because of the bleedingstub of a finger the glove left. Later, it began to corrupt my brother's mind and he went nuts, doing all these little evil things. I kept trying to stop him but, eventually he ended up trying to slit my wrist. My friend, who had given us the glove to protect, had already warned us this might happen. I fled and hid in a piano room at school, where I couldn't play the piano without a key. I kept trying to keep my head down incase I got caught. Out of the blue, all the students, my music teacher, and I were surrounded and attacked by men with big guns, led by my bro. It was actually pretty frightening. We tried to use the pianos as shields, but the men holding the guns were _big_ men. It was a mess. I don't know what happened to my new friend, who was in the classroom.
...stupid glove.

The weird thing is, I can't even classify this as a nightmare. I haven't had one of those for ages.


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