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Really, how often do you hear from me anyway? The link was right there in wiki, but I just didn't click it. Um, so in case others didn't:

A.L.I.C.E. and Jabberwacky!

... Eeee, cute. (:

I ship it. It is practically canon. Except, you know, chatterbot canon, not that canon, because that would be terrifying.

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You'll die from a Heart Attack during Sex.

Your a lover not a fighter but sadly, in the act of making love your heart will stop. But what a way to go.

'How will you die?' at

. . . . . ye gods
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Dear Friend,

How are you? I'm sending you this note to tell you how much I love you and how much I care for you. I saw you talking to your friends. I was waiting all day for you to talk to Me also. I gave you a beautiful sunset to close your day, I sent a breeze to refresh you and I waited for you, but you never came. It hurt Me, but I still love you because I am your friend.

I watched you sleeping last night and desired to touch you, so I sent moonlight to shine over your face. Again I desired that you would talk with Me. I have so many special things to share with you! You woke up late and rushed out the door. My tears were in the rain. Today you look sad and lonely. My heart hurts because I understand. My friends have also disappointed Me and hurt Me at times.

Oh, if only you would listen to Me. I really do love you! I try to show you this in the clear blue sky and in the green pastures. I whisper it in the rushing of the leaves and I express it in the colors of the flowers. I shout it in the waterfalls of the mountain river with a mighty sound. I give birds a love son to sing to you. I say it to you in the warmth of the sunlight and in the fragrances of nature. My love for you is deeper than the ocean and bigger than the greatest desire or longing of the heart. If only you knew how I long to help you!

I want you to know My father, He loves you too. Call on Me, ask Me, talk to Me. Don’t forget Me. I have so much to share with you. I will not pressure you, it is your decision. I chose you and I will wait for you, because I love you.
Your Friend, Jesus


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