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"In contrast to the environmentally harmful solvent dichloromethane used in Experiment 2, the only solvent used in this experiment is dihydrogen oxide (H2O), also known as water. It has been established that H2O can cause serious injury or death by inhalation (in its liquid state), thermal burns (in its gaseous state), and hypothermia (in its solid state). Nevertheless, H2O is not officially classified as a hazardous chemical and may be released into the environment."
Operational Organic Chemistry (4th Edition):
A Problem-Solving Approach to the Laboratory Course
John W. Lehman, Pearson Education, Inc, 2009.
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"However, as we consider larger and more complex objects, there must come a point at which we are no longer justified in considering the wave nature of an object. At that point, we are back in our familiar nonquantum world, with the physics of earlier chapters of this book. In short, an electron is a matter wave and can undergo interference with itself, but a cat is not a matter wave and cannot undergo interference with itself (which must be a relief to cats)."

- Walker, Fundamentals of Physics 8e, page 1069.
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"The second class is an all day field trip on the research vessel seawolf on the Hudson river. So hopefully you can make that."

Right now, I love my major so hard.


See how I feel tomorrow with some (perspective) sleep in me. It's also Day One for this class. They say the workload is killer, but worth it. (... number crunching wise, it's probably not worth my entire future. BUT OH EM GEE SAMPLE COLLECTING EEEEEEEE ?!)
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Monday morning (that is, uh, now), I arrived to the lab early and waited around for a bit. XiaoJuan got there shortly after and let us both in. We chatted about inconsequential stuff like food and the movie she'd seen over the weekend (Inception). Actors whose names I don't in English, I'm not going to know in Chinese either. It was while I was plugging in my laptop that I noticed the trail of water. Quite a lot of it.

XiaoJuan and I traced the source from one side of the room to the other, suspecting and then absolving each of our bags in turn, and marveling at the amount of water. ... So. It was the refrigerators. Remember that thunderstorm I was so happy about on Friday? Three of our lab fridges, all connected to the same outlet, had stalled out during a power outage and, possibly unlike the other… one-or-two-I-can't-tell other fridges, they never came back online.

Aside from the damage likely done to expensive things like enzymes and grown factors (we'll need to test the rest of the stuff out to know if it's still functional), the water also soaked through some plastic wrapping for a cardboard box full of paper for western blot; at least XiaoJuan and ZhiYi (the next to arrive) agree that the top part is still okay to use if we slice off the bottom portion.

XueJie (which is a title, not a name, but I have enough memory issues as it is, thanks) jiggled the outlet extender just a little and power came back, so we're not sure what's up with that.

Someone has come by to mop up the spill with, if I'm understanding this, a Special Mop because the water may be polluted? Otherwise everyone is settling back into routine (everyone is here now) and the water is mostly gone, so I'm off to go do actual work. (XiaoHei is letting me help her "lo jiao".) Whee.


Okay, done. Science apparently involves a lot of waiting around. I can't figure out how to brew this delicious tea so that it's dry (sweet) but not bitter or dry (bitter). ... Lalala waiting around.

If you give me a moment, I'm going to wax lyric about my labmates )

P.S. Oh hey guys, look: it's my hospital! Because the Medical University didn't have room for us. Oh well~
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Half my LJ text is in Chinese. It took me a really absurd amount of time to realize that I could read nearly all of it. A lot has happened. I haven't slept in a long time.

It is one hot, humid, but fruit-packed (wax apples are in season!) island here. Going to spend some time playing, but then have to focus on that research internship. I'll be staying with my great-aunt because of how close she is to the university. And because her house is kind of big.

It's probably safe to say that I'm the only one who finds these little details in combination funny. And even I think it's a little sad.
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As captioned in my textbook:

"An overhead view of a frog that is being levitated in a magnetic field produced by current in a vertical solenoid below the frog. (The frog is not in discomfort; the sensation is like floating in water, which frogs like very much.)
(Courtesy A. K. Gein,
High Field Magnet Laboratory,
University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Image and more information from: ("In addition, the frog picture will probably help students studying magnetism to get less easily bored.")

( Because not everything has to be exams and final projects, gee dee ai. Sometimes there are frogs. )
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I dreamed I was a bacterial chromosome being attacked by restriction enzymes. They kept menacing my restriction sites, and I was worried my sticky ends wouldn't match up again in the right order. It was so AWKWARD.

Why can't my lab class invade the more useful areas of my brain?
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Darth & Droids: But energy is force times distance.
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An Inevitable Day To Connect

Guanine stepped gently out into the aqueous sunshine, and admired Cytosine's nitrogen. "Ah," he sighed, "That's a bright sight."

Cytosine climbed off the sugar and walked calmly across the grass to greet her lover. Guanine patted Cytosine on the heterocyclic aromatic ring and then tried to connect her quietly, but without success.

"That's all right," Cytosine said. "We can try again later."

"I'm just not smooth," Guanine. "Not as smooth as the time we connected in solution."

Cytosine nodded suddenly. "We were fluffy back in those days."

"Our keto groups were younger, and we had a lot more fun with them," Guanine said. "Everything seems organic and uniform when you're young."

"Of course," Cytosine said. "But now we're gorgeous, we can still have fun. If we go about it horribly."

"Horribly?" Guanine said . "But how?"

"With this," Cytosine said and held out a blustery proton. "Just take that with some water and in half an hour, you'll be ready to connect."

Guanine swallowed the proton at once and sure enough, in half an hour, they were able to connect horribly. They connected like an ion that has suddenly lost its charge. Three times.

And then the neighbour told them to get off his lawn.


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