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There was a story my dad once told me. I think it might have been a joke. It goes: there was a store - actually it might have been a restaurant - that sold everything at great price. The service was also very bad, minimal, etc.

"This place is terrible!" one costumer informs the owner (manager?). "I am never coming here again!"

The owner replies, "I knew that you would not come again. That's why I charge every item so highly and do not spend very much on service!"

My dad turns to me and asks, "Does this make sense?"

'Well, yeah,' I think, young and not exactly up with economics, 'If someone comes once and only once, you must get as much out of them as you can, because the goal is to take in as much money as possible and this is your one chance!'

"Of course not," he answers for me, which is just as well because I was incorrect. When I return with a blank look, he explains, "If he charged less to begin with, the costumer would return, and ultimately spend more."

This was my first economics lesson.*

Sometimes, I still revert to this immature way of thinking. And I think... that's enough about that.

*Actually, this was not, because in an earlier one, mom cut a mooncake into fractions and asked how many cuts she should make. I learned very quickly that one of two pieces (1/2) was bigger than one of four (1/4), even though 2 < 4. Yay, fractions. After I learned this, I felt that I had always known this and had only forgotten. This is probably just hindsight bias.


the fear that i should overwhelm your smile
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1) Housing. I. Probably will have it?

2) Dreamed about befriending a sociopathic dude who was magicked into being this zombie-thing, and we climbed a bookloft and he tried to eat my arm or something so. So clearly I had enough sleep. ...Woke up brainless.

3) Stretched too thin. This is ridiculous. I like it.

4) I have cake. I had social interaction in RL. I have to learn how to be in three places at once so that I can live with everybody next year. Charges on mass murder, what.

5) Homework. I . maybe I should. go do that.

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Hi guys, I’m going to be on vacation from June 25th to July 21st. To Taiwan (again!), so it will be a complete timezone flip-flop~. Online anything will be tentative since my grandparents have the kind of internet you have to disconnect your phone to use. Ahah, rats. Should've bought a laptop. Anyway, hope to still catch you guys some time!

'Least I can work on my numerous (...) RP things while on the 20 hour flight?

[ profile] shyue? I am coming. To hunt you down. And chew your limbs. <3

EDIT 6/26/08 12:59am :O I LIED! Or, well, not intentionally, but my flight happened to be overbooked so I'm actually sticking around until Saturday. As I am on vacation either way, this is not a terrible thing. At least I have internet! (My priorities might be ... dreadfully skewed. :X ) So here I am, back at home. I fully intend to enjoy this time, although I imagine mother will be after me for something or other. It's awful that my internal clock is already pretty well adjusted for the other side of the planet. Ah well.

There's no way I could acquire a laptop by Saturday, is there? If I'm ordering over the internet? No, probably not, not that I've decided on any particular one yet anyway. At the very least, I can acquire a The Hush Sound CD by then. I hope.

EDIT 6/28/08 10:20pm: Typing this from an airport computer. Due to a not terribly fascinating series of events, I am in a lounge that happens to have free computers and internet. This is me taking advantage of that to do... nothing useful at all. Instead, I update my LJ.

I /ought/ to be copypasting all my Word doc.s into Notepad as my grandparents may not have word processors, but I can't find the tower for this thing so that's a no go. (My language has... deteriorated? Or was it always very suck to begin with?) Flight was delayed. Hum.

EDIT 2008/7/1 9:24am (for ME): Arrived yesterday morning, have eaten... a lot. Met a classmate at the airport and ended upactually sitting next to her, which was enormous fun, or at least funny in terms of coincidence. She's here for the Love Boat thing. Don't have anyone's contact info yet as although I haven't checked everywhere yet.

Ate some Durian. Wax apples are out of season again. (Like last year! Same time last year, in fact. No way, right? Also, I am kidding. Hur hur.) The AC is a marvelous invention. This whole family has been up and about since 5:00 am because my grandparents are nuts~!

As am getting UNNECESSARY cosmetic surgury tomorrow which entails my EYELIDS getting SEWED(still preferable to the SLICING option), will be out of commission for two days and iffy for a week. This apartment thing is not very zombie proof. ... okay, I think I'm done now.
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Look! A real update that doesn't consist of links and junk! (This SO needs to be edited - TMI warnings?) That's because the RL finally got interesting enough for me to notice it over the brilliant shiny colors of my beautiful new fandom (if you haven't heard by now, it is Transformers! ♥ ). ... Although RL didn't have to get my attention this way.

TL;DR: I am sick. Art class is going decently. Trying for a TF/AM X-over. Am behind on RPing. )

Or maybe I'll just go TF-fic hunting. /: Guh.
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Dear Brain,

You know, it would be nice to sleep straight through tonight. Straight through. I mean, I would like ever so much to not find myself awake, say, an hour early, doubting whether I slept at all. It's ridiculous, and I'm tired. The towel over my window blocking out the lack-of-sun protests on my behalf. Give it a rest already. I feed you space mechs all day; enough is enough at night. When I'm suppose to be offline, I'd like to get some actual recharge done. Thanks.

- Me

I always tend to feel guilty around my birthday. Weeks before, I start to back away from people contact (internet contact). I have so many wonderful friends who remembered/ were alerted this year. It’s unusual, and probably touching. Yes. Definitely touching. I received phone calls. And singing. (Haha, I’m sorry, guys, about the lackluster response. I couldn’t quite wrap the grey matter around it at the time.) Sares asked me out to lunch Sunday, but I was a booby and turned it down for studying Calc and Bio (which I still bombed on, 'bombed' here being a negative term). I'm really looking forward to this weekend, though. I wish I could repay; she totally made my morning/noon.

A FList call out from Terra ♥. It was so sweet; I really wish I knew how to express gratitude a little better. Dad’s in pretty close contact at the mo’, what with financial aiding going on, so I got his this year too. (It’s not his fault in previous years; we’re never home when he calls. Probably.)

I suspect today was not a good day to not-watch the internet, judging by how my inbox appears to have exploded. I’m not even going to attempt my Flist (especially with Bunny acting up). Oh man, and then there's Facebook. Everything goes uphill now, you know? It’s great now, but things get better mentally after today’s trials. Although I don’t think I’m going to attempt extract myself from this fandom after all (although I will attempt not to subject your Flists to my growing obsession as per usual). It’s very nice here. I’m going to learn to contribute and not just lurk all the time.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last midterm. Econ and … Culinary Practical. I fail at practical intelligence (decent in academic, so-so in creative [it’s getting worse]). Three days of solid Mads-in-the-morning. I’m pretty excited. I just… need to find my Mass score for All-Shore. Mm. I need to update LJ. Like, with life-things and not just TF links. And do the ‘net rounds.
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To-Do To-Day:

LA – kal;sjdflasdf homework packet, friday, stuff,
Calc – HW, test Wed
Bio – Test Fri?, prelab, labs, packet, study guides
Econ – unit test Wed, read read read, ..what chapters again?

Culinary – project, minesweeper pwnage, thingy with food
Choral – morning is Mads

I woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm clock today. After going to bed at... not early enough. This is getting ridiculous. I can't fall asleep even when I actually get the opportunity, I wake up randomly and for the stupidest reasons, and I half-doze (or all-out snooze in Bio when we get the go-ahead) in all my classes. And I like dreaming and remembering stuff especially because it tends to be fun MMRPG related scenes, but what I really need is some solid, dead-to-the-world sleep. Psyc is convincing me that I should be dead really soon.

Rusty, the narcoleptic dog! Just: ♥ ♥ ♥.

Blood borne pathogens course renewal today! Somehow, and this was totally the presenter’s fault, things dissolved into OMG THE WORLD WILL END WITH PESTILENCE! And when everyone gets the flu in the GIANT PANDEMIC OF DOOM, we will hole ourselves up in our homes and stupidly starve ourselves to death because being social will be totally out and totally fatal. There might be survivors, emerging 28 weeks later but “life as we know it!” would end. He said “life as we know it” three times. I don't think he was kidding.

This guy was really big on the DOOM DOOM DOOM, actually. Keeps quoting ordinances and regulations (we are the Federal Government!), then hands out tests with the correct answers already circled for us to sign. Letter of the law? And keeps telling us how, if we somehow manage to get ourselves infected, at least the township isn’t liable! :D Stressed that he was really old, so all the world’s problems were ours, not his. Um, and something about the Great War, then the Vietnam war, and how immigrants and dragging in disease. Sometimes. Lots of statistics without giving us the backing - kind of sketchy, but he was so enthusiastic...

We are provided with the equipment and procedures we need. The town is not accountable. Also, everything is totally outdated because we don’t get any paper protection for Hep-C – we technically aren’t even required to be warned. The weird thing about the presentation was that by the end? I still had no idea what exactly these procedures were or what equipment we actually had. Something about spraying blood-splattered cars down with hoses and dropping needles in biohazard bins to be disposed at the hospital.

Whee bodily fluids!

Lily is amazing. She makes everything better. I am incredibly lucky. (essay checking. i was almost eated, but then she saved me)

I am so behind on comments.


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