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I finally motivated my butt into figuring out how to filter my Flist, so at least now I see actual people content and not post after post of webcomic.

It's been a while since I was able to get my RP on. Well into two years, I think. Around when everyone packed ship for Dreamwidth. I guess I needed... what? Stability? Maybe to just not feel pressured to RP Homestuck. I've been going back to my roots. That's a pretty way of saying I've been rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh! of all things, rereading Animorphs, wailing about Discworld, listening to the Transformers (2007) soundtrack, drafting Dune AUs, and just generally stalking my past self. Not pretty. But funny.

I keep having nightmares that I failed Materials. I don't know when they give us our grades back, but I'm not sure getting this one will help with that or make it worse. I want to say, don't take materials science if you aren't a materials scientist, kids! But I think that would be unnecessary. I'm starting to do that XKCD field narrowing thing where the things I spend all my time on can only be appreciated by a few people. At least academia-wise.

Tomorrow is the last day to default for Ladystuck. I have no intention of defaulting for ladystuck but I want to have a solid first draft by then and right now I don't. I'm basically Moffat in my inability to execute long-term plots at a consistent level of emotional intensity (and also logic). This epic was probably a little too ambitious, but I think I'm married to it now.

It's been nice spending time with my cousins. I still need to call my dad and tell him I'm not flying out to see him. If I think about it, I feel bad, but if I try not to think about it, I feel fine, so that's mostly what I'm doing.

EDIT: IF YOU ARE CONFUSED - i wrote this, for some reason i private-locked it, and now i'm opening it to friends-lock publicly. What do I care? I don't know why sometimes I auto-private-lock things but I suspect it's because I fear regret more than anything.
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this is actually just a sketch of a stock image from google
Grown Sheeana dancing. I guess. I mean, that's what I was going for.
For [ profile] tsunderrorism. I stole [ profile] ilumeen's pencil for this.

I had one class today. It was not even an hour long.

It was extremely boring.


Er. But not this boring. (I just felt like complaining.)
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"That was Chris Rodriguez!" Annabeth took off her cap and turned visible. "You remember - from Cabin Eleven."

- The Sea of Monsters

... :|

I have no life. (Spoiler warning: Young Wizards || PJ & O, in that those are wiki links)

This book's going kind of slowly, and not just because I have to be by Pewter to read it. I can't shake the feeling that Rick Riordan is patronizing me. My fault for juggling books with very different styles, maybe?

Meanwhile, my brain has also latched onto Tom and Carl so hard, I'm a little embarrassed. The Book of Night with Moon is also going much more slowly than the others. I'm enjoying it, but I keep having to look up translations in the back and it's sort of forcing me to think more human in order to understand it. I'm not sure it should be compared to Watership Down. After enough time with that, I felt like I was thinking in rabbit, but thinking feline is still very mysterious.
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天黑黑 (Cloudy Day?), Sun Yan Zi / Stefanie Sun

We sang this karaoke on the bus during the five day tour thing for my program, along with a ton of other songs. They were all pretty much Mandarin or English, with only a smattering of Taiwanese. It was rattling around in my head today so I decided to look it up. There are several others I need to search for as well.

Very appropriately, it is thunderstorming like mad over here now, warm and sticky and absolutely thrilling. If only I had any faith in the puddles of these streets (I don't), my walking commute would be much more pleasant.

RL/Fandom/RP )
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Half my LJ text is in Chinese. It took me a really absurd amount of time to realize that I could read nearly all of it. A lot has happened. I haven't slept in a long time.

It is one hot, humid, but fruit-packed (wax apples are in season!) island here. Going to spend some time playing, but then have to focus on that research internship. I'll be staying with my great-aunt because of how close she is to the university. And because her house is kind of big.

It's probably safe to say that I'm the only one who finds these little details in combination funny. And even I think it's a little sad.
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I don't remember memes taking my Flist by storm like this in a very long time. I mean, they go around, but I don't remember seeing them crop up all at once like this.

Tagged by [ profile] boojums_snark for Lobsang:

Wow, okay so that was longer than-- )

Tagged by [ profile] funeral_song for Kara:

--I expected. Here, have cuts. )
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Overcoming Vitalism in an Alive-biased Society!!!

3:45 Walked from the school to the EMT building in the afternoon to be an active participant in the community and an asset to our great town. I tap the code into the door and enter the ambulance garage. Ambulances use to remind me of the oldest location of my church which was half ambulance garage, half tiny random building at the opposite side of a four lane street. Now they just make me think of zombie-love, but whatever. No one else is there.

4:00 A guy shows up. Actually, we're suppose to start at 4, but I chose to go early because it's much easier to walk to the building than make my mother escort me to and eventually from a building 15 minutes away - for a rough total of an hour. Other volunteers are suppose to be coming at 7. Anyway, this guy. Let's call him John. He is deliciously ironic, without being sarcastic (Thank you APLA teacher today for that distinction). He actually paints for a living but he is volunteering in this case, so he brings not only a wealth of experience to compensate for my total lack (watercolors etc are not quite the same), but also a few brushes and the white we are to use to paint over the white wall. ...But the new color is lighter. John is 24 years old, apparently played video games through college, including RE, and can stand to listen to an immature highschooler chatter about fictional zombie plots with no evident sign of boredom. Has some suggestions along the lines of a character based off of himself. I take to him very quickly.

We cut the first room (line the edges in preparation for the rollers), him on bottom, I on... side. 'Tis great fun, and part way through, I pop into the second room in order to remove all the chairs and desks. No small feat and I am quite proud - I need these small reminders that I am not always a pudgy grey lump onna swivel chair. Resume cutting.

4:30:-ish. Company shows. I am tired, slightly paint splattered, exhilarated. The drive to create is upon me and I have permission from John to paint designs on the bricked walls, which will not appear lumpy after the rollers pass through. He himself was apparently making Bob Ross styled happy little lines in a corner. I am dreaming zombies (ugh, not new news by now) and have access to a pail of paint, a brush, and giant concrete canvases. Brief imitation of Reg Shoe with a paint can, in celebration of Discworld, RERP, and revolutionary speeches everywhere.

"Rise up!"

"Undead: NOT un-person!"


"Stand up and be counted!"

It's probably the closest thing I'll ever come to graffiti, but it was very amusing as more and more people began to arrive. Some went at them with rollers (I filled in unreached indentations with my faithful oversized brush) and they were starting on the second room by the time I left, at 7. Am still speckled white, in spite of shower. I had a pretty good time. ... And one day, I hope to make a John the Painter who paints over the world's blood (or coffee?!) splattered sets so they can be reused in the next scene.
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From [ profile] pushingmetaphor: Oh heck yeah! Spies on t3h interwebz! Secret agentry abounds!

Also randomly: WE HAVE THE SUPPORT OF OUR PRESIDENT!!! 'Tis a grave grave threat to our nation! The world!!! (Link is to a short movie clip. With sound. And Bush. Just FYI.)

I'm starting to suspect my next big fandomish obsession will turn out not to be some sort of anime or manga or even book or television program, but rather zombies. How many total entries has this been now? I mean, it's getting a bit ridiculous. ... <3.

But it's either zombies (un-zombies?) Resident Evil style ([ profile] shyue and [ profile] lily22), or Alice books mostly Rozen Maiden style ([ profile] mercurial_lampe? this would be as much your fault as mine).

The former will probably win out. After all, I can have my zombies and my espionage, with a dash of Wonderland thrown in. I'm feeling awful squeeful. Now I need to go work. Or check out neglected internety things. Either or. o_O


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