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this is actually just a sketch of a stock image from google
Grown Sheeana dancing. I guess. I mean, that's what I was going for.
For [ profile] tsunderrorism. I stole [ profile] ilumeen's pencil for this.

I had one class today. It was not even an hour long.

It was extremely boring.


Er. But not this boring. (I just felt like complaining.)
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Music Hum is one of ~4 midterms this week. What fun. Now this is stuck in my head.

Vivaldi's "Agitata da due venti" from the opera "Griselda" (1735) (Da Capo Form)

Cecilia Bartoli is amazing. And super cute. Look at that expression. She's so into it!

A Section:
Agitata da due venti,
freme l'onda in mar turbato
e 'l nocchiero spaventato
gia s'aspetta a naufragar

(Buffeted by two winds, the waves rage in the stormy sea, and the frightened steersman expects to be shipwrecked.)

B Section:
Dal dovere da l'amore
combattuto questo core
non resiste e par che ceda
e incominci a desperar.

(By duty and by love my heart is assailed, it cannot hold out, it seems to yield and begin to despair.)
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"That was Chris Rodriguez!" Annabeth took off her cap and turned visible. "You remember - from Cabin Eleven."

- The Sea of Monsters

... :|

I have no life. (Spoiler warning: Young Wizards || PJ & O, in that those are wiki links)

This book's going kind of slowly, and not just because I have to be by Pewter to read it. I can't shake the feeling that Rick Riordan is patronizing me. My fault for juggling books with very different styles, maybe?

Meanwhile, my brain has also latched onto Tom and Carl so hard, I'm a little embarrassed. The Book of Night with Moon is also going much more slowly than the others. I'm enjoying it, but I keep having to look up translations in the back and it's sort of forcing me to think more human in order to understand it. I'm not sure it should be compared to Watership Down. After enough time with that, I felt like I was thinking in rabbit, but thinking feline is still very mysterious.


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