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“Earthbound – for, not to, the earth”

All our lives, to death from birth
Spent trapped between the sky and earth
Life through time blurs in sweet haze
We can choose how to end our days

Dearest dearest, I’ll go with you
But there is so much that we’ve still to do
To soar and dive, to crash and burn
All these things we’ve left to learn

The land’s too flat – we’ll take the sky
At the very least it’s worth a try
Why settle for some steady crawl
We claimed our flight, we’ll claim our fall

Leave doubts behind in a nerveless heap
A leap of faith, let’s make the leap
In that moment, throw clutter clear
In headlong dive through the stratosphere

The laws of nature might have lied
They bend or break when I’m by your side
Then summit, plummet, wheeling, reeling
Everything compressed to feeling

And our hopes and fears prove all unsound
- There never was a ground
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Does anyone have any ideas for a play I must write for English? It should include

A)Two teenagers are sent into a book via tornado/lighting/something else wacky and
B)Wind up in the Middle Ages (including fictional elements such as dragons, of course, if need be) where they
C)Encounter a maiden and her klutzy knight. I must also make it
D)Interesting (corniness optional)

Only I have to write such a story in a day tomorrow and I was hoping someone would have am idea to help me. It doesn't have to be and idea that encompasses the all the above, but, frankly, I need help >_<

Thank you!
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Lily, your pic is ready. Um... yeah that's all. Plus I'm bored and I wanted to post a new entry. I'm sorry it I am spamming you.

I am almost illiterate in Chinese. XD I really need to study it..
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I've stayed up until one o'clock at least all week. It's currently 1:33. Homework levels are visibly lower. So is awareness level.

Found an awesome quote today:

Give me Courage and I shall scale the steepest peaks alone, And transform every stumbling-block into my stepping-stone.

It was from a fellow Paladin. I think it's lovely

Random thoughts of someone(s) that you probably won't know anyway )

Yay, having fun with text colors! No wonder I go to bed so late...


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