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I finally motivated my butt into figuring out how to filter my Flist, so at least now I see actual people content and not post after post of webcomic.

It's been a while since I was able to get my RP on. Well into two years, I think. Around when everyone packed ship for Dreamwidth. I guess I needed... what? Stability? Maybe to just not feel pressured to RP Homestuck. I've been going back to my roots. That's a pretty way of saying I've been rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh! of all things, rereading Animorphs, wailing about Discworld, listening to the Transformers (2007) soundtrack, drafting Dune AUs, and just generally stalking my past self. Not pretty. But funny.

I keep having nightmares that I failed Materials. I don't know when they give us our grades back, but I'm not sure getting this one will help with that or make it worse. I want to say, don't take materials science if you aren't a materials scientist, kids! But I think that would be unnecessary. I'm starting to do that XKCD field narrowing thing where the things I spend all my time on can only be appreciated by a few people. At least academia-wise.

Tomorrow is the last day to default for Ladystuck. I have no intention of defaulting for ladystuck but I want to have a solid first draft by then and right now I don't. I'm basically Moffat in my inability to execute long-term plots at a consistent level of emotional intensity (and also logic). This epic was probably a little too ambitious, but I think I'm married to it now.

It's been nice spending time with my cousins. I still need to call my dad and tell him I'm not flying out to see him. If I think about it, I feel bad, but if I try not to think about it, I feel fine, so that's mostly what I'm doing.

EDIT: IF YOU ARE CONFUSED - i wrote this, for some reason i private-locked it, and now i'm opening it to friends-lock publicly. What do I care? I don't know why sometimes I auto-private-lock things but I suspect it's because I fear regret more than anything.
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