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I finally motivated my butt into figuring out how to filter my Flist, so at least now I see actual people content and not post after post of webcomic.

It's been a while since I was able to get my RP on. Well into two years, I think. Around when everyone packed ship for Dreamwidth. I guess I needed... what? Stability? Maybe to just not feel pressured to RP Homestuck. I've been going back to my roots. That's a pretty way of saying I've been rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh! of all things, rereading Animorphs, wailing about Discworld, listening to the Transformers (2007) soundtrack, drafting Dune AUs, and just generally stalking my past self. Not pretty. But funny.

I keep having nightmares that I failed Materials. I don't know when they give us our grades back, but I'm not sure getting this one will help with that or make it worse. I want to say, don't take materials science if you aren't a materials scientist, kids! But I think that would be unnecessary. I'm starting to do that XKCD field narrowing thing where the things I spend all my time on can only be appreciated by a few people. At least academia-wise.

Tomorrow is the last day to default for Ladystuck. I have no intention of defaulting for ladystuck but I want to have a solid first draft by then and right now I don't. I'm basically Moffat in my inability to execute long-term plots at a consistent level of emotional intensity (and also logic). This epic was probably a little too ambitious, but I think I'm married to it now.

It's been nice spending time with my cousins. I still need to call my dad and tell him I'm not flying out to see him. If I think about it, I feel bad, but if I try not to think about it, I feel fine, so that's mostly what I'm doing.

EDIT: IF YOU ARE CONFUSED - i wrote this, for some reason i private-locked it, and now i'm opening it to friends-lock publicly. What do I care? I don't know why sometimes I auto-private-lock things but I suspect it's because I fear regret more than anything.
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Or, not dull, but all the interesting bits are ~*~*~*~ related and they are too absurd for me to get into. If I ignore them, maybe they will begin to make sense, sort of thing.

On the fandom front! I am participating in [ profile] rarewomen which just started up. Although I'm super keen on the request I received, I'm pretty sure we're supposed to keep that sort of sensitive info on the DL ;)

... " on the DL ;) "

I offered Adventure Time, Animorphs, Discworld, and Homestuck (not in that order).

I requested Homestuck, Gunnerkrigg Court, L'Engleverse, and Young Wizards.

Among rare women not offered (because I slacked and missed nomination time):
Kali Cutter (L'Engleverse)
Taylor/Sub-Visser Fifty-one (Animorphs)
Anja Donlan (Gunnerkrigg Court)
Jadesprite (Homestuck)
Lady LeJean (Discworld)

I'm sure there were others, but I'll just keep it in mind for next year (fingers crossed).
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Your name is Crissy. Boy do you like DOGS. You also DANCE but stink at it. What will you do?
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by Annie Guthrie

I can’t sleep. I feel the globe
making a rotation,
and I’m not supposed to be, but I’m awake for it.

I’m at that age when everyone is talking about the kinds of love
they’ve been using to get by.

It’s a very dark late.
The sound of a towel dropping off the rack

into the bath
carries my name with it.

I get up to turn on the dryer
to block out all possibilities of ever

hearing anything else so
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        “I told him that to endure oneself may be the hardest task in the universe.”
        She shook her head. “That’s … that’s …”
        “A bitter pill,” he said, watching the guards run toward them across the roof, taking up their escort positions.
        “Bitter nonsense!”
        “The greatest palatinate earl and the lowliest stipendiary serf share the same problem. You cannot hire a mentat or any other intellect to solve it for you. There is no writ of inquest or calling of witnesses to provide answers. No servant – or disciple – can dress the wound. You dress it yourself or continue bleeding for all to see.”

Duncan and Alia
-- Dune Messiah
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Ugh, today. You should console me. No you shouldn't. I am going to go console myself. With calories. Like an adult.

(Everyone is sick or tired or miserable right now, what do I do? (Blog about it.))
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What's really frustrating me about the Atreides men (early on - they're so much less important later) is their lack of transparency. I don't know that women aren't equally never-talking-about-important-things. It may just be that they don't have any Dire Revelations to share.

In the bit I'm reading now, Leto II is being secretive with Ghani about his plans, which are now *their* plans, which she might like a say in. ("You never mentioned the Trial of Possession!") I can't tell why he doesn't just tell her everything. His one partner in crime - what on earth does he think he's doing? Ghani isn't hiding things from Leto because she thinks he can't handle it.

And Paul especially. My gosh, just tell Chani! What is the problem except that she might have more worry and be unable to do anything. Worry is her perogative, isn't it? She doesn't ask him stuff because of Fremen politeness or whatever, but way to communication fail, man. Although Chani... never tells Paul they're having twins. Do they never talk about it? All it would take is "they're restless today" or something to have that conversation.

He doesn't really talk to his mom. After a while, he doesn't really talk to his sister. If he'd given more of himself (his concerns or thoughts or time) to Alia instead of imagining her as a part of the universe forcing/"forcing" him to do things, it might have saved everyone some trouble.

Duke Leto... actually, he's cool, if only because Jessica can read him like a book anyway. It's the other way around in this pair, I guess. My only issue with him has nothing to do with transparency and more to do with: where did Jessica get the idea that having a son instead of a daughter would be such an OMG Big Deal to him in the first place? He didn't seem like that kind of guy, you know?

In Dune, it's like everyone (important) can read everything from everyone else's nervous tics. They can use sign languages and ancient languages and even mind-talk (sort of). And yet they all still completely fail at communication.
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this is actually just a sketch of a stock image from google
Grown Sheeana dancing. I guess. I mean, that's what I was going for.
For [ profile] tsunderrorism. I stole [ profile] ilumeen's pencil for this.

I had one class today. It was not even an hour long.

It was extremely boring.


Er. But not this boring. (I just felt like complaining.)
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(It isn't.)

EDIT: Whoops, nevermind, there we go. I guess I'd better go catch it.
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Sondre Lerche concert with [ profile] shyue!
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here in this carload
i am eve
with abel my son
if you see my other son
cain son of man
tell him that i

- Dan Pagis
"Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway-Car"
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Music Hum is one of ~4 midterms this week. What fun. Now this is stuck in my head.

Vivaldi's "Agitata da due venti" from the opera "Griselda" (1735) (Da Capo Form)

Cecilia Bartoli is amazing. And super cute. Look at that expression. She's so into it!

A Section:
Agitata da due venti,
freme l'onda in mar turbato
e 'l nocchiero spaventato
gia s'aspetta a naufragar

(Buffeted by two winds, the waves rage in the stormy sea, and the frightened steersman expects to be shipwrecked.)

B Section:
Dal dovere da l'amore
combattuto questo core
non resiste e par che ceda
e incominci a desperar.

(By duty and by love my heart is assailed, it cannot hold out, it seems to yield and begin to despair.)
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"In contrast to the environmentally harmful solvent dichloromethane used in Experiment 2, the only solvent used in this experiment is dihydrogen oxide (H2O), also known as water. It has been established that H2O can cause serious injury or death by inhalation (in its liquid state), thermal burns (in its gaseous state), and hypothermia (in its solid state). Nevertheless, H2O is not officially classified as a hazardous chemical and may be released into the environment."
Operational Organic Chemistry (4th Edition):
A Problem-Solving Approach to the Laboratory Course
John W. Lehman, Pearson Education, Inc, 2009.
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"That was Chris Rodriguez!" Annabeth took off her cap and turned visible. "You remember - from Cabin Eleven."

- The Sea of Monsters

... :|

I have no life. (Spoiler warning: Young Wizards || PJ & O, in that those are wiki links)

This book's going kind of slowly, and not just because I have to be by Pewter to read it. I can't shake the feeling that Rick Riordan is patronizing me. My fault for juggling books with very different styles, maybe?

Meanwhile, my brain has also latched onto Tom and Carl so hard, I'm a little embarrassed. The Book of Night with Moon is also going much more slowly than the others. I'm enjoying it, but I keep having to look up translations in the back and it's sort of forcing me to think more human in order to understand it. I'm not sure it should be compared to Watership Down. After enough time with that, I felt like I was thinking in rabbit, but thinking feline is still very mysterious.
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I blew through The Hunger Games last night into this morning. It was a dumb time to begin since I knew I wouldn't be putting it down once I started, but I couldn't resist.

Faye, you were right. I did love it. I wish I'd read it as soon as you told me to. And everything I've been hearing about it from what seems to be everywhere - it's all true. I had high expectations, and so far, they've been met. Hooray. I want to talk about it! But I should probably finish the trilogy first.

Now I need to find some way to get at Catching Fire and Mockingjay, hopefully without the mini-adventure through the backrooms of the library. We just went two days ago, and also a few days before that. Mom is going to make :| faces at me if I suggest another trip so soon, but I don't have a car.

Meanwhile, I've finished the YW books I borrowed (still missing on Holiday and Mars), but I still have The Book of Night with Moon and To Visit the Queen, which I will get to as soon as I get some proper work done.
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I saw [ profile] eluneth today! We ate lunch and hung out!

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"However, as we consider larger and more complex objects, there must come a point at which we are no longer justified in considering the wave nature of an object. At that point, we are back in our familiar nonquantum world, with the physics of earlier chapters of this book. In short, an electron is a matter wave and can undergo interference with itself, but a cat is not a matter wave and cannot undergo interference with itself (which must be a relief to cats)."

- Walker, Fundamentals of Physics 8e, page 1069.


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