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I finally motivated my butt into figuring out how to filter my Flist, so at least now I see actual people content and not post after post of webcomic.

It's been a while since I was able to get my RP on. Well into two years, I think. Around when everyone packed ship for Dreamwidth. I guess I needed... what? Stability? Maybe to just not feel pressured to RP Homestuck. I've been going back to my roots. That's a pretty way of saying I've been rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh! of all things, rereading Animorphs, wailing about Discworld, listening to the Transformers (2007) soundtrack, drafting Dune AUs, and just generally stalking my past self. Not pretty. But funny.

I keep having nightmares that I failed Materials. I don't know when they give us our grades back, but I'm not sure getting this one will help with that or make it worse. I want to say, don't take materials science if you aren't a materials scientist, kids! But I think that would be unnecessary. I'm starting to do that XKCD field narrowing thing where the things I spend all my time on can only be appreciated by a few people. At least academia-wise.

Tomorrow is the last day to default for Ladystuck. I have no intention of defaulting for ladystuck but I want to have a solid first draft by then and right now I don't. I'm basically Moffat in my inability to execute long-term plots at a consistent level of emotional intensity (and also logic). This epic was probably a little too ambitious, but I think I'm married to it now.

It's been nice spending time with my cousins. I still need to call my dad and tell him I'm not flying out to see him. If I think about it, I feel bad, but if I try not to think about it, I feel fine, so that's mostly what I'm doing.

EDIT: IF YOU ARE CONFUSED - i wrote this, for some reason i private-locked it, and now i'm opening it to friends-lock publicly. What do I care? I don't know why sometimes I auto-private-lock things but I suspect it's because I fear regret more than anything.
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I blew through The Hunger Games last night into this morning. It was a dumb time to begin since I knew I wouldn't be putting it down once I started, but I couldn't resist.

Faye, you were right. I did love it. I wish I'd read it as soon as you told me to. And everything I've been hearing about it from what seems to be everywhere - it's all true. I had high expectations, and so far, they've been met. Hooray. I want to talk about it! But I should probably finish the trilogy first.

Now I need to find some way to get at Catching Fire and Mockingjay, hopefully without the mini-adventure through the backrooms of the library. We just went two days ago, and also a few days before that. Mom is going to make :| faces at me if I suggest another trip so soon, but I don't have a car.

Meanwhile, I've finished the YW books I borrowed (still missing on Holiday and Mars), but I still have The Book of Night with Moon and To Visit the Queen, which I will get to as soon as I get some proper work done.
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I saw [ profile] eluneth today! We ate lunch and hung out!

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I feel very caffinated. I am not. But my heart is pounding from a conversation with Chimno about our exams/papers/labs due next week, and that kind of physical reaction (unpleasant) (worrying) (distracting) doesn't usually happen unless I've had more than the unusual amount of coffee (but 0 <= 0) or less than the usual amount of sleep (but x >= x-bar).

Okay, new post, since the above is obsolete.

You may or may not know that I don't celebrate Halloween. It's one of those admissions I like getting over with as quickly as possible so we can get to talking about what you have done / plan to do / did.

HOWEVER. This year, there was a holiday related event: [ profile] cyloncurry and I helped Helen with her costume via non-toxic markers.

Bethany watched over us and commentaried and disapproved.

The overall design and pattern is Helen's, as are the supplies, as is, ah, her body. Ela and I worked together on the flowers and the stems. The leaves were pretty much all Ela's. Don't they look all awesome and 3D? I did the buds and bud-shaped-things.

Derp )
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Monday morning (that is, uh, now), I arrived to the lab early and waited around for a bit. XiaoJuan got there shortly after and let us both in. We chatted about inconsequential stuff like food and the movie she'd seen over the weekend (Inception). Actors whose names I don't in English, I'm not going to know in Chinese either. It was while I was plugging in my laptop that I noticed the trail of water. Quite a lot of it.

XiaoJuan and I traced the source from one side of the room to the other, suspecting and then absolving each of our bags in turn, and marveling at the amount of water. ... So. It was the refrigerators. Remember that thunderstorm I was so happy about on Friday? Three of our lab fridges, all connected to the same outlet, had stalled out during a power outage and, possibly unlike the other… one-or-two-I-can't-tell other fridges, they never came back online.

Aside from the damage likely done to expensive things like enzymes and grown factors (we'll need to test the rest of the stuff out to know if it's still functional), the water also soaked through some plastic wrapping for a cardboard box full of paper for western blot; at least XiaoJuan and ZhiYi (the next to arrive) agree that the top part is still okay to use if we slice off the bottom portion.

XueJie (which is a title, not a name, but I have enough memory issues as it is, thanks) jiggled the outlet extender just a little and power came back, so we're not sure what's up with that.

Someone has come by to mop up the spill with, if I'm understanding this, a Special Mop because the water may be polluted? Otherwise everyone is settling back into routine (everyone is here now) and the water is mostly gone, so I'm off to go do actual work. (XiaoHei is letting me help her "lo jiao".) Whee.


Okay, done. Science apparently involves a lot of waiting around. I can't figure out how to brew this delicious tea so that it's dry (sweet) but not bitter or dry (bitter). ... Lalala waiting around.

If you give me a moment, I'm going to wax lyric about my labmates )

P.S. Oh hey guys, look: it's my hospital! Because the Medical University didn't have room for us. Oh well~
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天黑黑 (Cloudy Day?), Sun Yan Zi / Stefanie Sun

We sang this karaoke on the bus during the five day tour thing for my program, along with a ton of other songs. They were all pretty much Mandarin or English, with only a smattering of Taiwanese. It was rattling around in my head today so I decided to look it up. There are several others I need to search for as well.

Very appropriately, it is thunderstorming like mad over here now, warm and sticky and absolutely thrilling. If only I had any faith in the puddles of these streets (I don't), my walking commute would be much more pleasant.

RL/Fandom/RP )
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I had a small scab on my arm for a long while now. Actually, I have a few. This past week I left it alone and tried not picking at, and guess what? Today, it finally fell off on its own and the skin underneath it was healed.

A bit of a scar, but basically, all patched up. All by itself. It blows my mind that this blows my mind.

Is it not written, "It won't get better if you pick at it"?

Another point for the Way of Mrs. Cosmopilite.
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Lunch with Caitlin (of CC) for Monday

We poor souls who have long toiled
This waning weekend
And even now still into the ever-aging night
For Contemporary Civilizations (and other obligations)
Will soon bow our heads together
Over our text(books)
As we anxiously prepare for our physics examination
Past homeworks, notes,
Basic equations

Not tasting our dining hall food.

This Monday (today) I will turn in my short essay on Rachel Carson written in simplified Chinese and edited by my lovely roommate, take my first Physics midterm and hopefully not botch that so badly as the Bio one especially if the practice exam was anything to go by (it's a TRAP), and turn in my at-present nine page CC paper about the issues of lies as a foundation of the kallipolis of Plato's Republic that I started last night and finished an hour ago.

I haven't been outside of my dorm since Thursday evening.

I've made more headway in House Harkonnen than I can justify to myself.

I've eaten all of the instant!food I keep around my half of the room except my tasty vitamins because I'm not starving or anything (there are cup noodles for that) but I'm nervous and I eat when I'm nervous. I'm not especially stressed, although my paper could use editing - some time between the midterm and the class, I think.

On Thursday, I made that avocado-tofu dish I do with some really RANDOM ingredient substitutes and everyone liked it so that was a relief (and gratifying).

On Wednesday, I was a grumpy-pants. (But I'm not sorry - I'm just aware. My points were valid even if my attitude could have been... less grumpy. So bite me.)

On Tuesday, well, you know.

My Skype is hating on Lina's, and I have Caitlin-from-school up in the other window, still finishing up her essay which she started today at 7pm waaaaat?, and I think studying would probably just fail right around now so... crawling off to bed.

Earlier than when I went to sleep yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that. Pffft loopy?
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Does anyone have any use for a giant roll of CAUTION tape?

It's a little less than a foot in diameter, maybe, and a translucent plastic yellow. Found it while mucking around the lab doing inventory related things and they're just going to throw it out otherwise. It is GIANT (and heavy), so mom might be mad if I keep it in my room and I'm not sure how I'd mail it, but... It would be sad to see it wasted.

Or I might just deck out my dorm with it next year. They would go with my TOOTHBRUSH sign (thank you Ela). My roommate might mind. :|a
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* Out of the country for the next five days. Back extremely late Monday night. This is the important bullet.
- The entire family is going for one of the first times ever. For once, there's no one left at home base to run transport. Little dog will be lonely.
- Tam, Lina, pictures!
- No internet? Also, likely, no phone.

* Ying is going to kill me. Coordination is difficult.
- Still yet to see TF II.

* I have been reading Fables. (library)
* I have also been reading Young Justice. (internet - Blue linked me once)
* I will eventually buy Huntress: YO. Probably once school starts again. Ela?

* Hospital thing finally went through. Visited the dietary office again and saw pretty much everyone, including first boss-man. I need to email K at some point. Or facebook.
- He says he's going into criminal justice.
- His brother is a Batman fan.
- I am awful with names; no wonder I used to nickname everyone. ... I still nickname a lot.
- Passed Tina on the way.

* Lerner, Journalism, Low, Admissions, PRESIDENT (actually his secretary - Paul), Secretary. This is the path I took today in order to attain one sodding stamp. Miffed. Just a tad. At the train people, not the school people
- I haven't dreamed about trains since I started riding them regular-like.

* Josh and Aaron violin dueted in the giant lecture hall today. Bach. After the duet, they showed each other tricks; a group of passerbys dubbed it a "violin off".

* Did I EVER make a Dre entry? I met Dre! We had fun! We walked a lot and texted Sai! This was last last Monday.

* Giant thunder and lightning storm outside.
* I've been having a lot of bug conversations lately.

AND NOW I am back. More on this when I'm... you might never have more on this, actually. Huh.

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So Flist,

I'm looking for an example to use on my paper about anon memes (kind of. ish. It's also about morality again, woo-hoo.) It needs to have the positive elements of honest con-crit, and also the negative elements of, you know, wankery (or the potential for it?). It's the latter I'm focusing on but elements of the former are what I'm missing. Something anon-ish specifically because it would allow for wider range of honest crit.

My current problem is the only ones that come to mind all seem to be RP-related. Attempting to explain RP would be an unnecessary extra complication, so I was hoping one of you might know of somewhere else online where stuff is offered to anons for crit just in general. I might resort to something like fictionpress (because explaining fandom is another thing that could get sticky quickly), but maybe there is something better?

I'm aware that just by being of the internet, anonymous is kind of meshed into the equation already, but if its more explicitly stated, so much the better.

Er. I think that's it. I have an actual life update thing for whenever I. actually. get this done.
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Homework assignment.

I am writing about trying to make Bruce and Barbara reach an understanding and I can't do it because I don't understand Robbins. All I know is that I'm with Barbara on this one, Bruce. No maid. (It sounds less hilarious if you know that it's Bruce Robbins and Barbara Ehrenreich, but only a little bit.) These names.

...I wonder how badly Mr. Gordon will take it if I just turn in fanfiction tomorrow instead? It hardly matters; I can't write dialogue for peanuts.

No one in my class got the hilarity of one of the characters in our reading being named Terri and married to a Dr. Mel McGinnis. Dre is right; there is a conspiracy.

I love this class.

EDIT: I cheated and wrote lots and lots of introspection instead of really going at that first person. I always do this. This is why I can't quicklog. There was some "unreliable narrator" thrown in there for flavor. Yeah, academic papers need flavor. The sort of flavor where the writer is clearly a shallow and dense person, but at least now my professor knows who he's working with here.
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Nightmare about my computer getting a virus and crashing. Uh. That has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Dear LiveJournal,
I had a truly wonderful day today. My dad and I had a good life-lessons chat on the drive up to Shyue’s place. He really is incredibly intelligent. I believe he is much smarter than I am, not even including the vast amounts of experience and practical cynicism that I decidedly lack. Also, he is right: both of us are quick to forgive ourselves (whether or not that has anything to do with blood type). And happy. That’s good.

Shyue and I went clothing shopping in a mall. We ate things first. Then we went shopping. It was fantastic; she is incredibly knowledgeable about fashion (which is many parts psychology and many parts art – it’s really not so bad, not when it's with her). I got to walk around with a pretty girl on my arm. Com’on, that’s pretty great. We walked into a kitchen appliance place and drank their coffee, used their sugar and milk, and then just left. Er. There were phone calls and baking... stuff? It was a very nice buildling. She helped me find a shirt and a pair of jeans that I like quite a lot. Nothing like what I wear now; apparently I generally dress like a 40-something year old? Bad yellow and white, no full length things. Learning. Expensive, but I really feel like the experience was worth it. This is probably the most fun I've ever had shopping for clothing. Ever. Shyue is incredibly reassuring to be around; I never not self-conscious, but she talks right through it with all mannner of patience and friendly insight.

This is starting to sound like a college essay. But with fragments.

Afterwords, we watched some semi-random youtube videos before heading out to Blockbuster (she drove) and eventually deciding on I Am Legend and Sunshine (skipping over things like Batman Begins, Cloverfield, ... TMNT?). Which we then proceeded to watch. And talk through/over/on. Zombie/vampire attacks are less scary with loud, cheerful piano overhead. Sunshine was an exercise in suspension of disbelief, but still entertaining. I like watching movies with her. I like discussing watched movies with her.

Dinner was dumplings that Shyue’s mother made by hand. They were very good dumplings. Director would have been jealous. We got a little bit of MacroEcon studying in there too, between movies. Only one question wrong, and it was a stupid question anyway (self-serving bias? No, it really was a stupid question. Or rather, their answers were stupid. Er, so there?) Studying is much more fun with a good friend. But, er, self? You really need to review your macro.

The car ride back was with D and Cordy. Cordy described Majora’s Mask, specifically the cow-stealing aliens (They). Then we almost ran out of gas, which was great fun and excitement after Sunshine’s omgeveryoneisgoingtodie (reestablished at regular intervals). Then Cordy described Twilight Princess, which sounds awesome and pretty and shiny.

P.S. Also, randomly: )

Can’t stop the signal!

Edit 4/26/08: Another nightmare about the computer, this time just going haywire, not actually spewing popups all over. I think my subconscious is a little preoccupied here. If it has to make me anxious, why not in a more productive direction, such as, I dunno, AP TESTING?

Shyue, Da' really likes the jeans. He says, 'take you back there [into your friend's capable hands] tomorrow? :)'. Lol.
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I am incapable of writing a conventionally shaped entry with proper formatting today. So today, first period:

LA TEACHER: *is being her usual, adorable, so-sincere-it-kills-my-cynic self*
THE CLASS: *is mesmerized by the not-actually-sarcastic waves of BS*
CRISSY: *is dutifully impressed with total bull said with a smile*
LA TEACHER: -poetry something something Terry Pratchett.
THE CLASS: *winces. Twice in two weeks?1*
SCHOOL: *can sometimes not be entirely evil*


My cousin (Cousin #2, Second, Mad Hatter for serious wtf man) is the sort of amazing person who just make me want to keysmash in a neutral way:

WE: *randomly pass in the hallways, as people do. in hallways.*
CRISSY (Cousin #1, First, sometimes the saner one): Yo!
CRISSY: Eh, that Alice?
SECOND: *enigmatic smile*
CRISSY: *mental keysmashs. That. boy. ==. toast. @. lunch.2 ;*

"I think you're stupid!"
"I'll remember you said that when robots take over the world."

"Do you think we'll ever convince humans that we exist?"
"I don't think so, Alice."
"I don't think so either."


Two tests/quizes an' a pop quiz today. Not counting the brain hemisphere questionnaire thing. I'm 13 left, 12 right. Some days. Or heavily Left. Or heavily Right. O-kay then. My brainz are dynamic!


Memento Mori writers are made of shiny and our email chain, of sparkles. Much love, todos!

Heroes is on in a few minutes. I. I actually want to watch television. ;akslfja;lsjf very odd.


1 If you will recall, the scene of last week. Which pretty much consisted of:

PSYC TEACHER: something something -dramas.
LARGE PORTION OF FEMALES PRESENT: *swoon at the... Gregory House?*
PSYC TEACHER: something Stargate. something Sci-Fi!
CRISSY: *Ear perkingz. Still x_x*
THE CLASS: *is in mild shock*
THUMBS UP: *are to high-fives as blown kisses are to XOXO*
THIS SCENE: *has been compared to the time I supposedly yelled "SEX" during APUSH last year. For the record, I did not yell; I stated the answer to a legitimate question posed by my teacher in clear and audible tones. I was also correct - the answer was sex. Rock on, rock-n-roll!*

2 We have lunch together. Be very sure that I extracted details during this period.
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Overcoming Vitalism in an Alive-biased Society!!!

3:45 Walked from the school to the EMT building in the afternoon to be an active participant in the community and an asset to our great town. I tap the code into the door and enter the ambulance garage. Ambulances use to remind me of the oldest location of my church which was half ambulance garage, half tiny random building at the opposite side of a four lane street. Now they just make me think of zombie-love, but whatever. No one else is there.

4:00 A guy shows up. Actually, we're suppose to start at 4, but I chose to go early because it's much easier to walk to the building than make my mother escort me to and eventually from a building 15 minutes away - for a rough total of an hour. Other volunteers are suppose to be coming at 7. Anyway, this guy. Let's call him John. He is deliciously ironic, without being sarcastic (Thank you APLA teacher today for that distinction). He actually paints for a living but he is volunteering in this case, so he brings not only a wealth of experience to compensate for my total lack (watercolors etc are not quite the same), but also a few brushes and the white we are to use to paint over the white wall. ...But the new color is lighter. John is 24 years old, apparently played video games through college, including RE, and can stand to listen to an immature highschooler chatter about fictional zombie plots with no evident sign of boredom. Has some suggestions along the lines of a character based off of himself. I take to him very quickly.

We cut the first room (line the edges in preparation for the rollers), him on bottom, I on... side. 'Tis great fun, and part way through, I pop into the second room in order to remove all the chairs and desks. No small feat and I am quite proud - I need these small reminders that I am not always a pudgy grey lump onna swivel chair. Resume cutting.

4:30:-ish. Company shows. I am tired, slightly paint splattered, exhilarated. The drive to create is upon me and I have permission from John to paint designs on the bricked walls, which will not appear lumpy after the rollers pass through. He himself was apparently making Bob Ross styled happy little lines in a corner. I am dreaming zombies (ugh, not new news by now) and have access to a pail of paint, a brush, and giant concrete canvases. Brief imitation of Reg Shoe with a paint can, in celebration of Discworld, RERP, and revolutionary speeches everywhere.

"Rise up!"

"Undead: NOT un-person!"


"Stand up and be counted!"

It's probably the closest thing I'll ever come to graffiti, but it was very amusing as more and more people began to arrive. Some went at them with rollers (I filled in unreached indentations with my faithful oversized brush) and they were starting on the second room by the time I left, at 7. Am still speckled white, in spite of shower. I had a pretty good time. ... And one day, I hope to make a John the Painter who paints over the world's blood (or coffee?!) splattered sets so they can be reused in the next scene.
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[ profile] shyue is a crazy, but she is an influental crazy.

Second-ish week in Taiwan (Training Center time), so about mid July:
I woke up thinking "Soylent green is people!" which only goes to show the impressive powers of Jonathan Coulton and Wikipedia together. However, the people in my dream came out as small brown cake things, I think, with less of the green. And also there were seething cannibal-like armies who weren't waiting for the things to be processed. Think Reevers. It was a very interesting dream. Very exciting.

There were three other people in the room, none of whom were screaming and two of whom were in lower bunks, so I felt reassured enough to relish the realistic aftereffects of my dream. The likelihood that actual ninja zombies might attack random sleepers in the night is very small - something I had not properly appreciated before. Wide awake in my top bunk in the dark, I could almost believe there were cannibals clawing their way towards the bed (over numerous suitcases that were putting up a poor defense and also, I think, a plastic stool). I amused myself thusly for several minutes before coming to the irrelevant conclusion that my mental cannibals resemble zombies a very great deal . Sort of flesh vs. brains thing. Also a reality vs fantasy thing, but not going into that.

This conclusion was confirmed more than two weeks later when I decided to watch some zombie-werewolf movie that happened to be showing on Taiwan TV. I say zombie-werewolf, but the creatures were neither and resembled both. When normal people were bitten by the monsters, usually after some great bloody struggle, they became monsters too (just animated corpses, no exciting new developments like tentacles or laser-eye beams or anything). Monsters could be be killed using guns and great big fiery explosives. They spent most of their time lurching about aimlessly with their arms held limply in front of them not chewing each other's brains. The whole program was in English with subtitles and after it was over, I ended up watching bits of Mulan II in Chinese before I could start trying to sleep. By then it was very late, so I was very tired and did not have any nightmares or dreams.

There was a path on my island with broken down houses; my team member (the one who reads and writes horror) insists they look like a scene from Resident Evil when we pass by them in the niiiiight. They do look something of the sort, not that I play RE, mind. All in all, our island was very lacking in undead. Um, and cannibals. We don't have them either, I think. Who believes in hufu? :D

EDIT: Biological magnification – a trophic process in which retained substances become more concentrated with each link in the food chain. Higher level carnivores tend to be the worst affected by toxic compounds in the environment.

So no worries, eh? Eating a few humans is bound to be enough to knock someone dead.

EDIT: So. The movie I watched. Was Resident Evil. Ha, what do you know. o_O
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Okay, so. I went ahead and bought a book from (one of) the local Seven (7-11s). It is horror, which I do not read. It is in Chinese, which I cannot read. It cost about $1.50 US moneyz, but still. Do you know why? Do you know the reason I bought this novel which is, in effect, totally useless to me as anything but an emergency lighter or buttwiper*? The reason is. The cover. There was a cute guy on the cover. I went ahead and spent real money on a Chinese horror book because it has a cute guy on the cover. Anime-styled, glasses-sporting, blood-splattered hottie. (He looks a little like Ishida.) No, it is NOT a graphic novel. So there was NO POINT.

I think I have fallen into the abyss and I can't get out. No regrets.

*Seriously, though, limited toilet paper is strange. Thank goodness that was mostly at the Training Center and there are some at the school. We walk around with portable tissue packs that also serve as hankies (reusable), napkins, and bug-swatters-for-pansies. Culture shock right up there with the life-sized glass glow-in-the-dark sculpture of an interesting anatomical part no really trufax. I almost bought it.
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HELLO INTERNTZ, I KIND OF LOVE YOU. Not that this has anything to do with anything. Um. Yeah.

Currently-in-Taiwan Entry )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] darkllama_9


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