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So. Watching the Mists of Avalon miniseries. And there is Edward Atterton.
* Sword swinging: check
* Period dress: check
* LOL dialogue: check
* Getting the ladies (or just, y'know, Lancelot): check

But one new addition to what I'm (prematurely?) thinking of as standard Atterton. This time, he's blond. He's blond. Sort of curly, really artificial, and just, just, LOL.

It's so distracting. I kind of can't stop laughing every time I see it. ...him. It. His hair. I love it, even while I feel it's a little... hideous? Hair in this miniseries is awesome, guys.

... OMG Arthur/Morgaine OTP! SHUT UP I CAN'T HELP IT. OH EM GEE. CUTEST. EVER. From 5:58 on. Poor Lancelot. Poor Gwen. "But I am sworn to Arthur." "As am I." Honour ruins everything for everyone. Honour and love. So much suck, guys. Sigh.

I don't think there's a KevinMerlin in this miniseries. Too much trouble to explain. I am not yet in love with mini Mordred. Oo, or older Mordred.

Let's get these Avalon priestesses to meet the Bene Gesserit because I think they are distantly related. "Witchcraft" and political meddling and bloodline manipulation and crazy self control and so on. The only major difference I can think of is their official stance on religion, and that depends on how Merlin-esque you take the philosphy of Avalon. Also, uh, birth control.
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天黑黑 (Cloudy Day?), Sun Yan Zi / Stefanie Sun

We sang this karaoke on the bus during the five day tour thing for my program, along with a ton of other songs. They were all pretty much Mandarin or English, with only a smattering of Taiwanese. It was rattling around in my head today so I decided to look it up. There are several others I need to search for as well.

Very appropriately, it is thunderstorming like mad over here now, warm and sticky and absolutely thrilling. If only I had any faith in the puddles of these streets (I don't), my walking commute would be much more pleasant.

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PCR today

Got here in this fashion: L'Engle --> Narnia --> Merlin

I haven't even really started trawling fandom for fic, but I already know I want a:

* Dragon fic throwing light on his captivity, how he feels about being the last of his kind, and his beliefs about destiny. And maybe his relationship with various marginal people who come seeking things from him.

* X-over with Nancy Springer's world, or Mists of Avalon, or ... both?

*-n RPF, weirdly enough. Someone gave me a taste for it in this fandom. (But only if it's x-overed with the original universe.)

* better look at Uther and Arther's relationship

* lot of Mordred fic. Lol.

It is Thursday, 5:30pm. Tech-ily off work but still here because the girls are going out tonight and I'm going along.

It took four days of being employed to start explaining RPG to my coworkers.

... Sigh. (:


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