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Packing for school tomorrow and I can't believe that after all those months of longing for it, I'm going to have to leave my bookshelves behind again. I wasted twenty minutes of last minute packing time just staring at the rows and double-rows of books that I'm not going to be able to have, like, in my hands any time I want, for the next few months. It was kind of really pathetic.

The few I'm taking back with me... a disproportionate amount are children books I read in, like, elementary school. I'm thinking of it as comfort food. Something warm and heavy and not especially challenging to tide me over this coming half-year when I'm losing my shit because science no longer fits into my skull.

Speaking of which, just looking at my schedule for next year makes me want to curl up in a little ball and cry. And there are only four classes? And one of them is karate? And this is really pathetic? (There are now four five four sciences, karate golf? lap swim, and a Global Core (African Civ!). It seems more doable, somehow. An illusion.)

Of course the other three are all hard core sciences, but come on, self. Remember when all you lived for was to be a good student? Remember when academics was your element?

Oh, and then remember the past two years. What the fuck was that?

... This isn't helping with anything, but on some level, I feel like if I scare myself enough, I'll perform better. This used to be how it worked. Scare myself, work harder, ???, profit. But now I think I've reached the limits of how far threats can take me. Paralyzing fear, or just procrastination from packing? Either way, this is pretty terrible.

I'm so terrified for this coming semester. Why on earth am I... Why do I have ambitions? Why doesn't that at least make me ambitious?

Talking to Second helped. We are, all of us, scared. I'm going to go hide under a chapter book.
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Monday morning (that is, uh, now), I arrived to the lab early and waited around for a bit. XiaoJuan got there shortly after and let us both in. We chatted about inconsequential stuff like food and the movie she'd seen over the weekend (Inception). Actors whose names I don't in English, I'm not going to know in Chinese either. It was while I was plugging in my laptop that I noticed the trail of water. Quite a lot of it.

XiaoJuan and I traced the source from one side of the room to the other, suspecting and then absolving each of our bags in turn, and marveling at the amount of water. ... So. It was the refrigerators. Remember that thunderstorm I was so happy about on Friday? Three of our lab fridges, all connected to the same outlet, had stalled out during a power outage and, possibly unlike the other… one-or-two-I-can't-tell other fridges, they never came back online.

Aside from the damage likely done to expensive things like enzymes and grown factors (we'll need to test the rest of the stuff out to know if it's still functional), the water also soaked through some plastic wrapping for a cardboard box full of paper for western blot; at least XiaoJuan and ZhiYi (the next to arrive) agree that the top part is still okay to use if we slice off the bottom portion.

XueJie (which is a title, not a name, but I have enough memory issues as it is, thanks) jiggled the outlet extender just a little and power came back, so we're not sure what's up with that.

Someone has come by to mop up the spill with, if I'm understanding this, a Special Mop because the water may be polluted? Otherwise everyone is settling back into routine (everyone is here now) and the water is mostly gone, so I'm off to go do actual work. (XiaoHei is letting me help her "lo jiao".) Whee.


Okay, done. Science apparently involves a lot of waiting around. I can't figure out how to brew this delicious tea so that it's dry (sweet) but not bitter or dry (bitter). ... Lalala waiting around.

If you give me a moment, I'm going to wax lyric about my labmates )

P.S. Oh hey guys, look: it's my hospital! Because the Medical University didn't have room for us. Oh well~
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天黑黑 (Cloudy Day?), Sun Yan Zi / Stefanie Sun

We sang this karaoke on the bus during the five day tour thing for my program, along with a ton of other songs. They were all pretty much Mandarin or English, with only a smattering of Taiwanese. It was rattling around in my head today so I decided to look it up. There are several others I need to search for as well.

Very appropriately, it is thunderstorming like mad over here now, warm and sticky and absolutely thrilling. If only I had any faith in the puddles of these streets (I don't), my walking commute would be much more pleasant.

RL/Fandom/RP )
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PCR today

Got here in this fashion: L'Engle --> Narnia --> Merlin

I haven't even really started trawling fandom for fic, but I already know I want a:

* Dragon fic throwing light on his captivity, how he feels about being the last of his kind, and his beliefs about destiny. And maybe his relationship with various marginal people who come seeking things from him.

* X-over with Nancy Springer's world, or Mists of Avalon, or ... both?

*-n RPF, weirdly enough. Someone gave me a taste for it in this fandom. (But only if it's x-overed with the original universe.)

* better look at Uther and Arther's relationship

* lot of Mordred fic. Lol.

It is Thursday, 5:30pm. Tech-ily off work but still here because the girls are going out tonight and I'm going along.

It took four days of being employed to start explaining RPG to my coworkers.

... Sigh. (:
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Half my LJ text is in Chinese. It took me a really absurd amount of time to realize that I could read nearly all of it. A lot has happened. I haven't slept in a long time.

It is one hot, humid, but fruit-packed (wax apples are in season!) island here. Going to spend some time playing, but then have to focus on that research internship. I'll be staying with my great-aunt because of how close she is to the university. And because her house is kind of big.

It's probably safe to say that I'm the only one who finds these little details in combination funny. And even I think it's a little sad.


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