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As captioned in my textbook:

"An overhead view of a frog that is being levitated in a magnetic field produced by current in a vertical solenoid below the frog. (The frog is not in discomfort; the sensation is like floating in water, which frogs like very much.)
(Courtesy A. K. Gein,
High Field Magnet Laboratory,
University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Image and more information from: ("In addition, the frog picture will probably help students studying magnetism to get less easily bored.")

( Because not everything has to be exams and final projects, gee dee ai. Sometimes there are frogs. )
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Dear Crystal,

Greetings, from the wonderful land of fetuses, bringing you fetus-y goods, joy and pleasure since the 1980's...-ish. Um. IRREGARDLESS. Please enjoy the complimentary refreshments made from embalming fluid and something that smells more or less like pineapple juice and apple cider. Now, HERE IS YOUR FETUS. PLEASE ENJOY THE FETUS.

*Free (DUNUNUNUNUNUN) BATMAN suit included as promised. Some assembly required. Batteries not included - why? Because fetuses don't need the aid of technological advancement to love you with all the might of their totally underdeveloped hearts.

The "Wonderful Land of Fetus" Team + Shyue

AND YES please take good care of Henry! He can get a little disoriented and get lost, despite the seemingly brave and adventurous front that wonderful batman-saving-the-universe suit puts up for him. BUT WORRY NOT, for if that ever happens, just listen to the quiet and lonely meeping in the corner or under your bed - CALLING FOR YOU TO COME TO THE RESCUE. And you will find him. I believe you two will grow very fond of each other.
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Not only do I completely miss the Glorious 25th of May (not that I ever do anything but get an icon anyway, and I didn't forget at all) but also completely failed to mention:

Saturday was NEWT DAY. Or... around it at least. Something like that. The Saturday near May 25th. Last year it was the 29th. It's been FOUR years now since little A was kidnapped, and I like to think he's had a good time about it. Still alive at least. I think there may be a picture up soon.

...And that's it. (I'm alive!)

Edit: A Picture )
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Yesterday was exactly three years from the day I first encountered my newts A, B and C. I have heard that the lifespan of most newts in captivity is around two months, but this probably doesn't apply to the red-spotted newt (eastern newt) which can live up to five years in the wild. However, A came to me as an adult (as opposed to a red eft which is like a teenager/child) so I think I'm doing pretty well...yes?

I think I would like a red eft or three for pets. I think C may have been one, but he wasn't quite so red.. I would naturally name them D, E and Ft. Eastern newts can be efts for anything from one to five years before they becom adults. They move around much much more (A is a lazy butt, but C was always climbing. This is probably why he died, having escaped the tank and crawled across the room before drying up).

Working on a newt ava for them. Because they rock. <3


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