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Ugh, today. You should console me. No you shouldn't. I am going to go console myself. With calories. Like an adult.

(Everyone is sick or tired or miserable right now, what do I do? (Blog about it.))
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Music Hum is one of ~4 midterms this week. What fun. Now this is stuck in my head.

Vivaldi's "Agitata da due venti" from the opera "Griselda" (1735) (Da Capo Form)

Cecilia Bartoli is amazing. And super cute. Look at that expression. She's so into it!

A Section:
Agitata da due venti,
freme l'onda in mar turbato
e 'l nocchiero spaventato
gia s'aspetta a naufragar

(Buffeted by two winds, the waves rage in the stormy sea, and the frightened steersman expects to be shipwrecked.)

B Section:
Dal dovere da l'amore
combattuto questo core
non resiste e par che ceda
e incominci a desperar.

(By duty and by love my heart is assailed, it cannot hold out, it seems to yield and begin to despair.)
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"In contrast to the environmentally harmful solvent dichloromethane used in Experiment 2, the only solvent used in this experiment is dihydrogen oxide (H2O), also known as water. It has been established that H2O can cause serious injury or death by inhalation (in its liquid state), thermal burns (in its gaseous state), and hypothermia (in its solid state). Nevertheless, H2O is not officially classified as a hazardous chemical and may be released into the environment."
Operational Organic Chemistry (4th Edition):
A Problem-Solving Approach to the Laboratory Course
John W. Lehman, Pearson Education, Inc, 2009.
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"However, as we consider larger and more complex objects, there must come a point at which we are no longer justified in considering the wave nature of an object. At that point, we are back in our familiar nonquantum world, with the physics of earlier chapters of this book. In short, an electron is a matter wave and can undergo interference with itself, but a cat is not a matter wave and cannot undergo interference with itself (which must be a relief to cats)."

- Walker, Fundamentals of Physics 8e, page 1069.
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I feel very caffinated. I am not. But my heart is pounding from a conversation with Chimno about our exams/papers/labs due next week, and that kind of physical reaction (unpleasant) (worrying) (distracting) doesn't usually happen unless I've had more than the unusual amount of coffee (but 0 <= 0) or less than the usual amount of sleep (but x >= x-bar).

Okay, new post, since the above is obsolete.

You may or may not know that I don't celebrate Halloween. It's one of those admissions I like getting over with as quickly as possible so we can get to talking about what you have done / plan to do / did.

HOWEVER. This year, there was a holiday related event: [ profile] cyloncurry and I helped Helen with her costume via non-toxic markers.

Bethany watched over us and commentaried and disapproved.

The overall design and pattern is Helen's, as are the supplies, as is, ah, her body. Ela and I worked together on the flowers and the stems. The leaves were pretty much all Ela's. Don't they look all awesome and 3D? I did the buds and bud-shaped-things.

Derp )


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