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Nightmare about my computer getting a virus and crashing. Uh. That has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Dear LiveJournal,
I had a truly wonderful day today. My dad and I had a good life-lessons chat on the drive up to Shyue’s place. He really is incredibly intelligent. I believe he is much smarter than I am, not even including the vast amounts of experience and practical cynicism that I decidedly lack. Also, he is right: both of us are quick to forgive ourselves (whether or not that has anything to do with blood type). And happy. That’s good.

Shyue and I went clothing shopping in a mall. We ate things first. Then we went shopping. It was fantastic; she is incredibly knowledgeable about fashion (which is many parts psychology and many parts art – it’s really not so bad, not when it's with her). I got to walk around with a pretty girl on my arm. Com’on, that’s pretty great. We walked into a kitchen appliance place and drank their coffee, used their sugar and milk, and then just left. Er. There were phone calls and baking... stuff? It was a very nice buildling. She helped me find a shirt and a pair of jeans that I like quite a lot. Nothing like what I wear now; apparently I generally dress like a 40-something year old? Bad yellow and white, no full length things. Learning. Expensive, but I really feel like the experience was worth it. This is probably the most fun I've ever had shopping for clothing. Ever. Shyue is incredibly reassuring to be around; I never not self-conscious, but she talks right through it with all mannner of patience and friendly insight.

This is starting to sound like a college essay. But with fragments.

Afterwords, we watched some semi-random youtube videos before heading out to Blockbuster (she drove) and eventually deciding on I Am Legend and Sunshine (skipping over things like Batman Begins, Cloverfield, ... TMNT?). Which we then proceeded to watch. And talk through/over/on. Zombie/vampire attacks are less scary with loud, cheerful piano overhead. Sunshine was an exercise in suspension of disbelief, but still entertaining. I like watching movies with her. I like discussing watched movies with her.

Dinner was dumplings that Shyue’s mother made by hand. They were very good dumplings. Director would have been jealous. We got a little bit of MacroEcon studying in there too, between movies. Only one question wrong, and it was a stupid question anyway (self-serving bias? No, it really was a stupid question. Or rather, their answers were stupid. Er, so there?) Studying is much more fun with a good friend. But, er, self? You really need to review your macro.

The car ride back was with D and Cordy. Cordy described Majora’s Mask, specifically the cow-stealing aliens (They). Then we almost ran out of gas, which was great fun and excitement after Sunshine’s omgeveryoneisgoingtodie (reestablished at regular intervals). Then Cordy described Twilight Princess, which sounds awesome and pretty and shiny.

P.S. Also, randomly: )

Can’t stop the signal!

Edit 4/26/08: Another nightmare about the computer, this time just going haywire, not actually spewing popups all over. I think my subconscious is a little preoccupied here. If it has to make me anxious, why not in a more productive direction, such as, I dunno, AP TESTING?

Shyue, Da' really likes the jeans. He says, 'take you back there [into your friend's capable hands] tomorrow? :)'. Lol.
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Look! A real update that doesn't consist of links and junk! (This SO needs to be edited - TMI warnings?) That's because the RL finally got interesting enough for me to notice it over the brilliant shiny colors of my beautiful new fandom (if you haven't heard by now, it is Transformers! ♥ ). ... Although RL didn't have to get my attention this way.

TL;DR: I am sick. Art class is going decently. Trying for a TF/AM X-over. Am behind on RPing. )

Or maybe I'll just go TF-fic hunting. /: Guh.
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Dear Brain,

You know, it would be nice to sleep straight through tonight. Straight through. I mean, I would like ever so much to not find myself awake, say, an hour early, doubting whether I slept at all. It's ridiculous, and I'm tired. The towel over my window blocking out the lack-of-sun protests on my behalf. Give it a rest already. I feed you space mechs all day; enough is enough at night. When I'm suppose to be offline, I'd like to get some actual recharge done. Thanks.

- Me

I always tend to feel guilty around my birthday. Weeks before, I start to back away from people contact (internet contact). I have so many wonderful friends who remembered/ were alerted this year. It’s unusual, and probably touching. Yes. Definitely touching. I received phone calls. And singing. (Haha, I’m sorry, guys, about the lackluster response. I couldn’t quite wrap the grey matter around it at the time.) Sares asked me out to lunch Sunday, but I was a booby and turned it down for studying Calc and Bio (which I still bombed on, 'bombed' here being a negative term). I'm really looking forward to this weekend, though. I wish I could repay; she totally made my morning/noon.

A FList call out from Terra ♥. It was so sweet; I really wish I knew how to express gratitude a little better. Dad’s in pretty close contact at the mo’, what with financial aiding going on, so I got his this year too. (It’s not his fault in previous years; we’re never home when he calls. Probably.)

I suspect today was not a good day to not-watch the internet, judging by how my inbox appears to have exploded. I’m not even going to attempt my Flist (especially with Bunny acting up). Oh man, and then there's Facebook. Everything goes uphill now, you know? It’s great now, but things get better mentally after today’s trials. Although I don’t think I’m going to attempt extract myself from this fandom after all (although I will attempt not to subject your Flists to my growing obsession as per usual). It’s very nice here. I’m going to learn to contribute and not just lurk all the time.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last midterm. Econ and … Culinary Practical. I fail at practical intelligence (decent in academic, so-so in creative [it’s getting worse]). Three days of solid Mads-in-the-morning. I’m pretty excited. I just… need to find my Mass score for All-Shore. Mm. I need to update LJ. Like, with life-things and not just TF links. And do the ‘net rounds.
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I am incapable of writing a conventionally shaped entry with proper formatting today. So today, first period:

LA TEACHER: *is being her usual, adorable, so-sincere-it-kills-my-cynic self*
THE CLASS: *is mesmerized by the not-actually-sarcastic waves of BS*
CRISSY: *is dutifully impressed with total bull said with a smile*
LA TEACHER: -poetry something something Terry Pratchett.
THE CLASS: *winces. Twice in two weeks?1*
SCHOOL: *can sometimes not be entirely evil*


My cousin (Cousin #2, Second, Mad Hatter for serious wtf man) is the sort of amazing person who just make me want to keysmash in a neutral way:

WE: *randomly pass in the hallways, as people do. in hallways.*
CRISSY (Cousin #1, First, sometimes the saner one): Yo!
CRISSY: Eh, that Alice?
SECOND: *enigmatic smile*
CRISSY: *mental keysmashs. That. boy. ==. toast. @. lunch.2 ;*

"I think you're stupid!"
"I'll remember you said that when robots take over the world."

"Do you think we'll ever convince humans that we exist?"
"I don't think so, Alice."
"I don't think so either."


Two tests/quizes an' a pop quiz today. Not counting the brain hemisphere questionnaire thing. I'm 13 left, 12 right. Some days. Or heavily Left. Or heavily Right. O-kay then. My brainz are dynamic!


Memento Mori writers are made of shiny and our email chain, of sparkles. Much love, todos!

Heroes is on in a few minutes. I. I actually want to watch television. ;akslfja;lsjf very odd.


1 If you will recall, the scene of last week. Which pretty much consisted of:

PSYC TEACHER: something something -dramas.
LARGE PORTION OF FEMALES PRESENT: *swoon at the... Gregory House?*
PSYC TEACHER: something Stargate. something Sci-Fi!
CRISSY: *Ear perkingz. Still x_x*
THE CLASS: *is in mild shock*
THUMBS UP: *are to high-fives as blown kisses are to XOXO*
THIS SCENE: *has been compared to the time I supposedly yelled "SEX" during APUSH last year. For the record, I did not yell; I stated the answer to a legitimate question posed by my teacher in clear and audible tones. I was also correct - the answer was sex. Rock on, rock-n-roll!*

2 We have lunch together. Be very sure that I extracted details during this period.


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