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Ugh, today. You should console me. No you shouldn't. I am going to go console myself. With calories. Like an adult.

(Everyone is sick or tired or miserable right now, what do I do? (Blog about it.))
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This post is full of whining :(

1. My total GPA just broke the 3.6 line. That's right, in the wrong direction. I did mention I was doing poorly this semester, didn't I? I'm more afraid of my cousin's disappointment than my own.

Why do I even bother with ambitions? It's not like they motivate me. Supremely unmotivated, me.

2. In only moderately related news, I am tired of being my current self and am ready to try pretending to be someone else. You know, again. Because it seems I've turned into that guy I never liked anyway, and I've nearly forgotten why I love the things I do which was the whole point of the weirdo I am trying out at the moment.

Hm, whining. Hopefully you'll see less of this. I'm too old to get my teenage angst on. Thank goodness it's summer.

3. I apparently need to read more 17th century poetry. Or just poetry in general, but I was just recommended the whole of the 17th century. Should keep me busy.

Oh, also this: Song on the End of the World - Czeslaw Milosz. Not related to anything in particular. I... like this guy's stuff? I don't know.

And those who expected lightning and thunder
Are disappointed.
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To-Do To-Day:

LA – kal;sjdflasdf homework packet, friday, stuff,
Calc – HW, test Wed
Bio – Test Fri?, prelab, labs, packet, study guides
Econ – unit test Wed, read read read, ..what chapters again?

Culinary – project, minesweeper pwnage, thingy with food
Choral – morning is Mads

I woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm clock today. After going to bed at... not early enough. This is getting ridiculous. I can't fall asleep even when I actually get the opportunity, I wake up randomly and for the stupidest reasons, and I half-doze (or all-out snooze in Bio when we get the go-ahead) in all my classes. And I like dreaming and remembering stuff especially because it tends to be fun MMRPG related scenes, but what I really need is some solid, dead-to-the-world sleep. Psyc is convincing me that I should be dead really soon.

Rusty, the narcoleptic dog! Just: ♥ ♥ ♥.

Blood borne pathogens course renewal today! Somehow, and this was totally the presenter’s fault, things dissolved into OMG THE WORLD WILL END WITH PESTILENCE! And when everyone gets the flu in the GIANT PANDEMIC OF DOOM, we will hole ourselves up in our homes and stupidly starve ourselves to death because being social will be totally out and totally fatal. There might be survivors, emerging 28 weeks later but “life as we know it!” would end. He said “life as we know it” three times. I don't think he was kidding.

This guy was really big on the DOOM DOOM DOOM, actually. Keeps quoting ordinances and regulations (we are the Federal Government!), then hands out tests with the correct answers already circled for us to sign. Letter of the law? And keeps telling us how, if we somehow manage to get ourselves infected, at least the township isn’t liable! :D Stressed that he was really old, so all the world’s problems were ours, not his. Um, and something about the Great War, then the Vietnam war, and how immigrants and dragging in disease. Sometimes. Lots of statistics without giving us the backing - kind of sketchy, but he was so enthusiastic...

We are provided with the equipment and procedures we need. The town is not accountable. Also, everything is totally outdated because we don’t get any paper protection for Hep-C – we technically aren’t even required to be warned. The weird thing about the presentation was that by the end? I still had no idea what exactly these procedures were or what equipment we actually had. Something about spraying blood-splattered cars down with hoses and dropping needles in biohazard bins to be disposed at the hospital.

Whee bodily fluids!

Lily is amazing. She makes everything better. I am incredibly lucky. (essay checking. i was almost eated, but then she saved me)

I am so behind on comments.
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Okay, so. I went ahead and bought a book from (one of) the local Seven (7-11s). It is horror, which I do not read. It is in Chinese, which I cannot read. It cost about $1.50 US moneyz, but still. Do you know why? Do you know the reason I bought this novel which is, in effect, totally useless to me as anything but an emergency lighter or buttwiper*? The reason is. The cover. There was a cute guy on the cover. I went ahead and spent real money on a Chinese horror book because it has a cute guy on the cover. Anime-styled, glasses-sporting, blood-splattered hottie. (He looks a little like Ishida.) No, it is NOT a graphic novel. So there was NO POINT.

I think I have fallen into the abyss and I can't get out. No regrets.

*Seriously, though, limited toilet paper is strange. Thank goodness that was mostly at the Training Center and there are some at the school. We walk around with portable tissue packs that also serve as hankies (reusable), napkins, and bug-swatters-for-pansies. Culture shock right up there with the life-sized glass glow-in-the-dark sculpture of an interesting anatomical part no really trufax. I almost bought it.
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To my favorite angel and demon pair:

Hunter x Hunter is all your fault. BFF icon!

I had others with text, but they really stank, so modify at will!
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Hello hello hello,

The sun is shining, the breeze is warm, and I'm just thrilled to be here with you today. The last part's true, at least. Hi [ profile] myuki_chan and [ profile] lily22 (and assorted characters too, for convenience. Speaking of which, here is a link to the rp post mostly because I'm a lazy bum)


Anyway, this is just so we have a place to talk about rp-esque thingies, maybe. For instance, the matter of, uh, rotation? Or for planning things out or. Whatever. Say, will we need to split a bit if Uryuu and Urahara head of to the bathroom?

We don't actually have to put all of that stuff in here, but I just thought it might be nice to have somewhere. ...And now I'm just gonna go write that essay, eh? Stupid school.

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Currently at cousin's house. Dial up. Found my binder. Or at least friend/her mother/her younger brother found it and brought it to church for me. Must memorise Magnificate now. It is a cool piece, and we've sung it so much it's nearly ingrained into the inner surface of my skull as it is.

I am currently eating a lemon. 'x' And "studying" bio.

I missed church for the last two week. The first time because of the trip and the second because I overslept. (I lie; I over showered. It's really pathetic, but it takes me around 45 minutes to an hour to wash my hair [even when I cut it short] and dry it [this took less time when it was short]) ...
......... I'm sure you really needed to know that. In about half an hour, my cousin's should be back from their church and we can settle down for some good FF-CC ing. I left my Windwaker at home. B***** (Cousin #3) won't be pleased, but K****(Cousin #4) might not mind.

I am three-quarters done with my lemon. Yay! (That is, the fruit [><] lemon, of course...)
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My first Lit mag meeting today. We were suppose to write a poem about these pretty pictures. One was a black and white of a pier thing. I had one of them raw poetries in my throat. Not about the pier, but on the shades of grey.

Today I met a boy who was colorblind. Well, I say met, but I already knew him; I just didn't know he was colorblind. He left school early to get a check up thing to be sure he could have this surgery. If it all works out, he will be able to undergo the laser and see color. How amazing must it be to finally see color! He told me that he supposedly sees all grey, so he can tell red from yellow, say, but he can't tell read from purple. To have never seen colors.... the sheer life and vividness... the infinite, stretching on for eternity, forever. As Unity put it, How can one begin to describe the blueness of blue. And to never have seen it! And then suddenly you can! Like Ax and taste! Sensory explosion! I almost cry (and I actually don't cry much) thinking about the sheer enormity of it. Oh how it must hurt to be a Yeerk. To be only able to access the senses through the sufferings of another. I experience the sudden sharpness every time I get stronger glasses. It always goes up by a hundred at least. The definition the EDGE of a thing! Amazing. Beautiful! People don't think about this much, I think.

Anyway, looking at that grey picture, I think I choked up. I couldn't even _begin_ to describe all the things that were racing through me. How Jop can write so quickly and express it so well is currently beyond me. Actually it isn't. But all my poetry comes out angsty and I don't think it helps me in any way, so I try to avoid it. Because of this I can no longer write. I cannot write or draw. I can only dream. What good is that if I cannot give this poetry gift to another?

I love colors. ♥


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